Amazon is already making changes in its Whole Foods stores. Since Monday, the price of goods at Whole Foods stores has been cut by up to 43%. The recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon was expected to come with drastic changes, but now you can even buy Amazon tech at your local Whole Foods. It is common to see big changes after acquisitions, and these types of major company transactions are a vital part of our economy.

Mergers and acquisitions can serve many purposes. They can help a struggling business by restructuring and reorganizing, or they can form partnerships to gain an advantage in the market place. In the case of Amazon and Whole Foods, the latter holds true. The acquisition of Whole Foods has helped Amazon gain a foothold in the grocery store market place, which is especially useful now that Amazon has a growing grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh. Past M&A transactions have been fruitful as well. These include The Heinz and Kraft deal with a transaction value of $100 Billion, The Microsoft and LinkedIn deal worth $26 Billion, and the many Pfizer deals that have made Pfizer the pharmaceutical giant it is today.

But it’s not just big corporations that can benefit from M&A transactions. Buying and selling your own business can be very advantageous. You may want to expand your business into new markets, well why not acquire an established company in the market you are trying to enter? So next time you’re at Whole Foods and notice that Fuji apples are only $1.99 a pound, down from $3.49, think about how a M&Amp;A transaction can help your business.