What type of business owner are you 0

Looking for New Business Ideas?

Chances are, you are looking for more than just a good idea. After all, businesses and business models come in all shapes and sizes, and even the best business idea might not stir the passion needed to make that idea successful. A good business idea is only good if you can execute it effectively and profitably.

So instead of looking for just another idea that may or may not fit your particular skills as a businessperson, first discover what kind of business owner you are. By taking this short quiz you can learn your entrepreneurial style, your strengths, and your potential blindspots.

There are four major types of entrepreneurs and by taking just 3 minutes to answer these simple multiple choice questions we will tell you which type you are.

Of course, you were not cut from a cookie cutter and you are too complex to be simply labeled, so all this quiz does is tell you some of your preferences and skills as a business owner. It will also reveal to you which successful business titans you are most like in your approach to entrepreneurship.

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