Following a $4.3 Billion Dollar Loss Warren Buffett Says Berkshire Inc. Overpaid for Kraft Heinz. On Friday Kraft Heinz’s share price dropped by 27.5 percent, causing Berkshire Hathaway Inc. to lose $4.3 billion on its 26.7 percent ownership of the packaged foods company.

As a result of the loss, CEO Warren Buffett announced on Monday that Berkshire had overpaid for Kraft. Even though he proceeded by saying he had absolutely no intention of building on or removing stake in Kraft. Buffett believes the company has strong brands that he would be happy to own a decade from now.

Buffett also said he would continue to do business with private equity firm 3G Capital and its co-founder Jorge Paulo Lemann. Kraft Heinz’s disclosure raised inquiries about 3G’s financial strategy for the organization. 3G’s signature business model consists of zero-based budgeting, which requires leaders to justify their expenses annually from scratch. This is unconventional as most companies allow their managers to use prior year’s results as a guideline.

Berkshire and 3G Capital merged H.J. Heinz, which they bought in 2013, with Kraft Foods and as a result own about half of the combined company. 3G has implemented this strategy with other companies like Tim Hortons and Anheuser-Busch. The result is leaner companies, with thousands of jobs lost.

Kraft Heinz’s other brands like Jell-O and Kool-Aid seek to increase sales over last year as consumers continue to seek out healthier options over packaged foods.