Imagine yourself 5 years from now- are you still driving yourself to work each morning? Uber and Lyft are trying to change the way we travel, and transportation as we know it may be changing sooner than you think. Driving yourself may be a thing of the past. Uber is quickly becoming a verb synonymous with travel.  Recently Lyft purchased the largest bike share company in North America, Motivate, for $250 million. Motivate accounts for 80% of all bike share transactions in the United States. Uber announced that it will launch a “new modalities” unit, investing $335 million into a $1 billion scooter startup, and $100 million into an electric bicycle sharing startup. Together, Lyft and Uber are changing transportation for the better.

Uber is moving to add public transportation options to its app, which would allow users to prepay for commuter trains and buses. It has even expanded into the food delivery service. At this rate, we will never have to drive ourselves anywhere, including the grocery store! Uber is worth more $62 billion and is continually expanding across the globe. Lyft is about four times smaller than Uber, but is still making a wake in the transportation industry. Is this the end of personal cars as we know it? I know that if I had to choose between driving myself and taking an uber every day to work, the choice would be clear—I would never drive again! This is the way of the future.

With the addition of bikes and scooters and the promised self-driving cars, Uber is quickly changing the transportation game. Uber is becoming more than just a quick and easy ride, it is about expediting the transportation system and fine-tuning your trips. While autonomous cars are still in the works and using an Uber bike to get to work might not appeal to everyone, these companies are making great strides that we could have never imagined possible this soon. Between cars, bikes, trains, and helicopters, Uber is changing the game and taking over the world- and I am excited about the possibility of not having to drive in the future. If we could be productive during the time it takes to commute to and from work every day, business will boom! We will ALL be more successful.