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Pleasing Your Angel Investors: Why You Need To “Sell It First” When Building A Startup With Hall T. Martin

  If you’re building a startup, one thing angel investors look at is your business plan. You can’t barge into a room of 10 investors and just talk about your idea. You need to know how you’re going to sell... Read More

5 – Buying, Selling, And Fixing With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Your host, Eric Grundhoefer, talks with Michelle Selier Tucker, a pro in selling businesses and designing businesses for selling. To learn more, visit — Listen to the podcast here   Buying, Selling, And Fixing With Michelle Seiler Tucker... Read More

275 – Buy, Fix, And Sell: Making Your Exit With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Starting a business takes not only planning for its growth. Some of the most successful people also plan for their exit. But where do you start? In this episode, Paul Higgins invites USA’s Top Closer and CEO of Seiler... Read More

Michelle Seiler Tucker Founder And CEO Of Seiler Tucker Inc.

  In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we speak with mergers and acquisition expert Michelle Seiler Tucker about her new book Exit Rich. Michelle is passionate about supporting business owners building a business that is scalable and salable. She... Read More
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