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Trump Sues States for Lack of Measurability in Vote Counting

The United States of America is known for being a democracy valuing equality and fairness, however is the 2020 Presidential election really measuring up to those values? Although any presidential election in the middle of a pandemic would appear to... Read More

First Presidential Debate

The 2020 election is set to take place November 3rd and tensions are running high. Sitting and incumbent President Donald Trump is facing off against former Vice President under the Obama Administration, Joe Biden.... Read More

Trump Blocks TikTok and WeChat

Tensions between the United States and China have been strained as of late, and their relationship has only grown to be more contentious under the Trump administration. One area that has drawn a lot of media coverage is the fight... Read More

RBG’s Legacy

          In yet another tragic turn of 2020, beloved and widely respected Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. The supreme court justice was known for her extensive work on furthering women’s rights and serving as a voice of liberalism on the... Read More
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