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Why the Stock Market Feels Resistant to the Pandemic

2020 has been characterized by a worldwide pandemic that has had negative implications on large portions of the economy. Lawmakers had extensive trouble in passing a new $1 trillion-ish stimulus package even though political and business leaders from both sides... Read More

Stock Indices Begin 2021 at All-Time Highs

Despite a year of steep job losses, industry downturns, and economic pain, the stock market ended 2020 at record highs. This comes as a surprise as cases around the world have been surging and businesses have been forced to either... Read More

Tesla Launches Second $5 Billion Share Sale in Three Months

Tesla Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in California. Over the years, they have grown their brand and have established themselves as one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies in the world. The recent push... Read More

Stock Market breaks records amid global pandemic

Despite the setback the stock market felt mid-March, there was a large number of companies that went public this year. Last year’s numbers rounded off at around 110 IPO’s whereas this year we have hit 129. Not only that, but... Read More
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