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What Every Organization Needs to Know about the Employee Retention Credit With Kevin Marshall

  At the height of the pandemic, the government introduced different sources of support for businesses on the brink of shutdown. One of these is the Employee Retention Credit or ERC. But what is it, and how can owners benefit... Read More

Financial Management: How To Increase Profitability And Prevent Bankruptcy With Pam Jordan

  Being good in business doesn’t automatically mean being good with finances. There’s a difference between generating income and knowing how to keep it, which is why tracking your numbers is vital to keep your business running. Here to talk... Read More

How The Biden Administration Will Affect Small Business

Although Trump has yet to concede, it appears as though President Biden and Vice President Harris will be sworn in on January 20th. This change in the presidency will have impacts on businesses around the world. With 8 out of... Read More
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