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Fradel Barber Live On Exit Rich With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  When we sell our business, we want to keep more of the money we make. But how do we do that without wasting it away on tax? In this episode, Michelle Seiler Tucker sits with a special guest live... Read More

Neal Schaffer Exit Rich Podcast Guest With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Marketing is the foundation of any successful business, and consistency is key. By developing effective strategies and maintaining a strong online presence, businesses of all sizes can generate more leads and increase revenue. In this episode, Neal Schaffer shares... Read More

Exit Rich Podcast With Guest Netta Jenkins

  Creating a truly inclusive organization isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do. Using gamified platforms like Aerodei to promote DEI can help companies measure the impact of each employee and improve representation, retention,... Read More

Delivering The WOW: On Building Client Experience And Loyalty With Don Williams

  Entrepreneurship might seem like a race, but it sure is one without a finish line. Once you enter, it can be hard to find the horizon. And all the better for it because the joy is not in the... Read More

Talk Your Way To Sales Success: Charlie Cina Reveals Golden Nuggets

  How do you get more sales? It’s not that complicated. You just need to get out there and talk to more people! You have to get people at hello. Tell people your name. Your name is your brand. You... Read More

The CEO’s Guide To Stress Management And Well-Being With Dr. Cindy Tsai

  Every business owner or entrepreneur is a go-getter. They want to achieve so much in life that they often forget to take care of their health and resort to poor stress management just to achieve their goals. Stressful thoughts... Read More

Power Failure: The Rise And Fall Of General Electric With William Cohan

  No company embodied American ingenuity, innovation, and industrial power more spectacularly and consistently than the General Electric Company. GE once developed and manufactured many inventions we take for granted today. In this episode, William Cohan, author of The Power... Read More

CFOs, Capital Building, And Financial Transformation: How Continuous Scale Took The Fractional CPA Industry By Storm With Sara Dickinson

  What is financial transformation? How can you find investors in capital building and make sure you’re well-known? Just how important really is a good CFO for a business? These and more are the questions that we will be answering... Read More

The Importance Of Operating Systems, Hiring Integrators, And Building A “Green Team” For Your Business With Tim Cox

  Operating systems are to business what the playbook is to football. For a leadership team to run a business effectively, it needs a playbook that lays out the expectations for each person on the team at each moment of... Read More

The Fundamentals Of Due Diligence With Aaron Young

  Business owners use a huge chunk of their resources to buying, fixing, and growing their ventures. However, only a handful does their due diligence the right way. Just because you earn the revenue you want does not mean you... Read More
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