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Why Frontline Workers in New Orleans Took the Vaccine

Nearly 10,000 doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine arrived in Louisiana on Monday, December 14th. Nearly half were delivered to the Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Bayou regions. This first round of vaccines is strictly for the frontline workers in... Read More

Wall Street Shakes Off Labor Market Data with Stimulus in Focus

On Thursday, December 10th, major averages on the U.S. stock market closed higher from early lows. This is due to increasing confidence from investors as fiscal stimulus talks look promising and are expected to support the overall economy. It appears... Read More

Covid-19’s Impact on American’s Household Income

It isn’t a shock that many Americans have struggled financially this year due to the global pandemic that infiltrated our shores. Bankrate has been taking surveys to find out exactly what Americans are thinking and feeling about their finances as... Read More

Stock Market breaks records amid global pandemic

Despite the setback the stock market felt mid-March, there was a large number of companies that went public this year. Last year’s numbers rounded off at around 110 IPO’s whereas this year we have hit 129. Not only that, but... Read More

When did the Coronavirus really arrive in America?

America’s first case of Covid-19 was January 15th, right? Well, there has been new information that has come to light that might make you believe otherwise. Researchers went back to blood samples from the American Red Cross that were donated... Read More

Moderna Vaccine shows 100% Efficacy

The vaccine being developed by Moderna was recently submitted for regulatory approval by the Food and Drug Administration at the end of November, becoming the second leading drug to reach this breakthrough this month. The company also filed for emergency... Read More

Can Hollywood Survive a Second Wave?

Coronavirus has restricted and restructured a lot of things in our lives: postponing any nonessential travel, more online shopping, virtual school and virtual work, and social distanced socializing. It has also affected the way we receive entertainment, forcing our favorite... Read More

Who’s Next on the Bankruptcy Chopping Block?

Since the start of 2020, 29 national retail chains have filed for bankruptcy, the latest being Guitar Center which opened as a singular storefront in 1959 before taking over the music retail market. Some companies’ luck was turning around at... Read More

Are We Ready for the Vaccine?

The talk of a vaccine is taking the world by storm, almost as quickly as COVID-19 did earlier this year. With multiple vaccines at the ready and being approved for emergency use, it’s time to ask how that will affect... Read More

The Dow Closes Above 30,000 for the First Time in History

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a considerable impact on the economy for the majority of 2020. Lockdowns, stimulus packages, and changes in consumer trends have had a multitude of financial consequences. Businesses around the world have shut down both temporarily... Read More
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