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Face, Follow, Fix: Success, Prosperity And The Illuminate Philosophy With David Corbin

  Ever wondered where mentors get their incredible wisdom? From other mentors, where else. David Corbin is such a mentor of mentors – and a very good one at that. Among other accolades, he is a two-time Wall St. Journal bestselling... Read More

EXIT Rich: 6 Things You Need To Work On To Profit From Your Exit With Sharon Lechter

  Now, we really get into the meat of how to get rich from selling your business. Joining Michelle Seiler Tucker is the amazing Sharon Lechter, her friend and co-author of EXIT Rich, a book that unveils the secret to... Read More

Find Your Exit: An Introduction

  Statistics show that a whopping 70% of businesses go under even after operating for ten years or longer, and business owners are forced to sell their business for many reasons. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 businesses do not sell,... Read More
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