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Reverse Engineering The 7, 8, And 9 Figure Exits With Mergers & Acquisitions Expert And Author Of “Exit Rich” Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Author of Exit Rich and Mergers & Acquisitions Entrepreneur. Michelle has been helping business owners reverse engineer their exits for over two decades. Michelle Seiler Tucker knows starting your company with the intent to sell big eventually is a... Read More

How To Exit Your Business Rich With Michelle Seiler Tucker | 610

  Michelle Seiler Tucker is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, the CEO of Seiler Tucker Inc. and she helps people in all kinds of verticals sell their businesses for top dollar. She is the author of Exit... Read More

Exit Rich: How To Buy & Sell Businesses With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Does the thought of buying or selling a business make you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed? Well, what if I told you that as scary as it may sound, there are people out there who will guide you and give... Read More

5 – Buying, Selling, And Fixing With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Your host, Eric Grundhoefer, talks with Michelle Selier Tucker, a pro in selling businesses and designing businesses for selling. To learn more, visit — Listen to the podcast here   Buying, Selling, And Fixing With Michelle Seiler Tucker... Read More

Check Out My Interview With Michelle Seiler Tucker – Author, Exit Rich!

  Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. As a 20-year veteran in mergers & acquisitions, Michelle and her firm has sold over a thousand companies in almost every vertical. Michelle is the best-selling author of... Read More

How Are You Preparing To “Exit Rich” In Real Estate? With Sharon Lechter & Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Real estate is a business, but we often don’t think of it that way. A single-family home here, a duplex there, at the end of the day we’re just landlords, right? What if some large corporation or outside buyer wanted... Read More

How To Build A Sustainable, Scalable, And Sellable Business

  Starting a business and scaling it to be sellable can seem like an impossible feat. But what if I told you that there is a proven way to build a sustainable, scalable, and sellable business? Well then this episode... Read More

Dr. Finance Live Podcast Episode 15 – Michelle Seiler Tucker Interview – Author Of Exit Rich Book

  This is Episode 15 of the Dr. Finance Live Podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”). Dr. Criniti interviewed Michelle Seiler Tucker, a successful entrepreneur, a CEO, co-author of the Wall Street Journal, and the... Read More

How To Exit Your Business Rich With Michelle Seiler Tucker | Episode # 58

  Why do some companies fail while others succeed? What makes Amazon such a big winner while other, longer-established companies have now gone out of business or struggle to stay afloat? And how can we build our own business to... Read More

Selling Your Business: Learn How To Exit Rich With Michelle Seiler-Tucker

  The time comes for every business owner to sell the business they worked so hard on. While many business owners don’t give this a second thought, many have been able to get out and exit rich. Mitch Russo’s guest... Read More
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