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Fradel Barber Live On Exit Rich With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  When we sell our business, we want to keep more of the money we make. But how do we do that without wasting it away on tax? In this episode, Michelle Seiler Tucker sits with a special guest live... Read More

Exit Rich: How To Buy & Sell Businesses With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  Does the thought of buying or selling a business make you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed? Well, what if I told you that as scary as it may sound, there are people out there who will guide you and give... Read More

Dr. Finance Live Podcast Episode 15 – Michelle Seiler Tucker Interview – Author Of Exit Rich Book

  This is Episode 15 of the Dr. Finance Live Podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”). Dr. Criniti interviewed Michelle Seiler Tucker, a successful entrepreneur, a CEO, co-author of the Wall Street Journal, and the... Read More

How To Exit Rich With Michelle Seiler Tucker

  The biggest mistake that business owners make is that they don’t plan their exit from their business. People don’t think about the planning and preparation that goes into negotiating the sale of their business. Michelle Seiler Tucker—a mergers and... Read More

An Interview With Michelle Seiler-Tucker

  Join Michelle Seiler-Tucker of Seiler Tucker and me, the leading authority on buying, selling, and improving businesses! #GetFundable #Fundability #Podcast #FundingNation #ExitRich — Listen to the podcast here   An Interview With Michelle Seiler-Tucker I have been knocking your... Read More

Planning For The Big Exit With Robert Ramey

  Whatever industry you’re working in, as a business owner, you have to have an acute awareness of every step you’re going to take next, but most especially your exit strategy. Your exit strategy has to be ready even before... Read More


  At some point, as a business owner, you will have to figure out how to exit your business. Unfortunately, this is an eventuality that not many business owners prepare for until the very last minute, which can be a... Read More
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