The coronavirus pandemic has led to an economic recession with record breaking levels of unemployment. Despite these circumstances, however, some commentators—notably Steve Cortes—assures Americans that the United States is undergoing an ‘economic renaissance’. This, he claims, will undoubtedly contribute to greater support for President Donald Trump in the coming November election and result in a red victory.

          Cortes made clear that he believes the United States is destined to experience greater growth. He said in a statement, “I think the reason the momentum is going our way is because of the economic momentum in this country right now. There is an economic renaissance afoot in this country right now.” He continued to say “that’s not just my opinion, that’s what the economic data tells us—especially with the blockbuster jobs report that we just got on Friday to kick off Labor Day weekend. This kind of momentum in the economy augurs for President Trump’s win.”

          The sentiments expressed by Cortes reflect an emerging economic nationalism and moreover American exceptionalism. It is the staunch belief in the United States and American economy which perpetuates the conception that despite an economic downturn, the United States is still in a bull market.

          It is this type of thinking that separates Trump supporters and Biden supporters. Even Cortes points out the divide: “I have yet to see a Biden flag fly behind a single boat or a single pickup truck and yet I see that for Trump on the roads and waterways all over this country.” It is abundantly clear that Trump supporters are more demonstrative of their support than their Democratic counterparts.

          Cortes also addressed the situation of vote-by-mail ballots. Reports have concluded that there are far more Democrats submitting requests for ballots than Republicans. Cortes assured that this was not a cause for concern. Due to the aforementioned reasons—a booming economy and Trumpian nationalism—Cortes assured that the disparity would be overcome through the in person voting tendencies of Trump supporters. In a statement Cortes said “I’m optimistic that our crowd is going to show up to the polls, I think, largely in person. We believe in absentee ballot-by-mail, but we are going to defy skeptics and defy the critics. It’s because of the economy, number one.”

          Therefore, Cortes maintains that Trump supporters will turn out and ensure that President Trump is voted in for a second term, largely due to economic reasons.