Starbucks has announced plans to lay off around 5% of its corporate workforce following organizational and leadership changes within the company. CEO Kevin Johnson revealed that approximately 350 employees would be affected. Starbucks, known for its addicting coffee and juggernaut reputation around the world, is one of many companies who are planning to revamp their strategies, redistribute their assets and cleaning house. Companies facing sales declines are looking for new ways to stay relevant. 


In this attempt to address stagnant sales, all jobs in question within Starbucks corporate team range from marketing, creative, product, technology and store development. Local in store jobs will not be affected by the layoffs, and the Seattle Times reported that the majority of the layoffs were expected to occur at the company’s Seattle headquarters.  


Earlier this year Starbucks reported that future impacts were to be expected as they evolve the organization in size, scope and goals. The company has already started to make changes into digital marketing strategy focusing on customer trends. For now, Starbucks continues to try to innovate and find new ways to reach its customers.