Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans have had to face many struggles. One of the biggest struggles they have faced is being laid off or having their hours cut back. To make ends meet, or have a little extra cash, Americans have looked at some unusual methods to make some extra cash. It can go by many names, virtual work, on-demand jobs, internet odd jobs, or side hustles. This change represents a reshaping of how some Americans are employed as more of life moves online. More tech companies are imitating a mostly unregulated business model to create platforms for an invisible workforce.

Online gig work is expanding and offers a wide range of opportunities for people looking to make extra money. Whether it is performing microtasks, mystery shopping offers, app testing, transcription services, or participation in academic studies, there is no shortage of online work. It is hard to tell how many people work on these sites as companies infrequently disclose data. In addition, these jobs do not fit in existing categories for the labor statistics that are kept by the government.

While dozens of companies pay people for these services, usually only the people performing these services know them. There has been a growing labor pool to pull from, as unemployment has soared during the pandemic. Although the unemployment rate dropped to 10 percent in July, it still meant that 1 in 10 people could not find work. Although online work can be hard to come by, some communities can be found on social media for people looking for some cash.Some of the best sites to find online gig jobs:


One of the research apps, Dscout, has seen surges from people taking surveys during the pandemic. This app often involves live video chats; this way, researchers can see into people’s living spaces or watch them using products. This cost in privacy for participants typically come with a higher fee. Submitting videos means participants need to dress up to make a good impression, giving them a reason to change out of pajamas.

Many Americans are either being laid off or having their hours cut back due to the Coronavirus pandemic. To make ends meet and come up with some extra income, some Americans have turned to online work. These online gig jobs come in a variety of opportunities, from testing apps to participating in academic studies. The pandemic has caused many changes in the U.S. workforce, especially how Americans are finding work.