Limitations, depending on personal perception, are often the breaks to greatness or the fuel to victory. In most circumstances, everyone has suffered from a form of discouragement; as children when we gleefully looked into someone’s eyes and expressed our outstanding hopes and dreams for our future, then was greeted with a reality less than optimistic. Or as adults when society imposes mass ideals that dictate what is “acceptable/attainable” based on gender, class, race, sexuality, and other distinguishing traits.
As a successful business woman, I have encountered one-to-many stifling opinions on “what a woman Can or Can’t do” and what my priorities should be in life. If I would have taken heed to those restraints given by others, I would not have this blossoming career, loving family, and an overall fulfilling life. I have learned that limitations are just figments of our imagination that we use as excuses to evade accomplishing the things dearest to our hearts.
In many interviews, Arnold Schwarzenegger details his rise to success and the limiting feedback he encountered along the way. He was told that it would be impossible to become an American film star with his extremely heavy accent, and lets not forget the mob of laughter by many when he announced his run for governor of California. But these things did not detour him, he used his critics words as fuel for his triumphant ride to greatness.
“In sports, you learn competition means go after it, win it. And not to let anything else interfere. It’s something you learn, and it sticks with you. I consider myself an expert in looking into a particular idea or goal and then going after it without anything else in mind… It’s always the same kind of thing. You pick a goal, and then you just go after it, accomplish it, and get satisfaction out of that. The mind is the limit.” Arnold Schwarzenegger