These days it seems as though the only thing on anyone’s mind is coronavirus and the implications it has. But recent New Orleans news has departed from the usual trends of COVID-19. In a surprising decision, the head coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, Alvin Gentry, was fired. His dismissal comes after 5 seasons serving as the head coach. The decision was made by Executive vice President David Griffin.

Griffin was hired in the 2019 off season and made organizational changes as soon as he joined the management team. Many speculate that he knew he was going to dismiss Gentry from the beginning. There is a hope that Griffin will help to restructure the team and the team will have a better season.

Many have been quick to praise Gentry’s coaching abilities, maintaining that he’s the best assistant coach in the NBA. But there seems to also be a consensus that he is not the right fit for the Pelicans right now. Griffin has mentioned that he is going to be slow to hire a replacement and will take his time to weigh all possible options. Among the individuals he is considering includes Tyrone Lu and Jason Kidd. These candidates have the potential to restructure the team and lead them towards a more successful season.

Griffin has time too—the season has been postponed to December 1st if all things with the coronavirus pandemic work out in a safe manner. But there is still the possibility that the season will be postponed even further if the virus continues to spread at the rate it currently is.

The pelicans were also involved in a political statement earlier this month when they collectively kneeled in support of Black Lives Matter. This drew a great deal of attention from the media from both liberal and conservative news outlets. They were not alone in their decision to kneel and were joined with the team they were facing.

The New Orleans Pelicans have now situated themselves in a position to have a better record than they have for the past few years. Though it is largely unclear who will be chosen to be head coach, many are excited to see the next level that the team will be taken to under new management. In summation, the Pelicans are ready to hit the court and prove their abilities when the new season begins.