Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business. If you stop marketing, the fuel and fire that keeps your business going will surely burn out. Some business owners believe that they can get by without any kind of marketing, but that just isn’t feasible. Loyal customers may help you stay afloat for a time; but eventually, the lack of marketing will catch up with you.

Even brand giants like Google or Coca-Cola know that marketing is an absolutely essential part of business. They might be household names, but without marketing, they couldn’t maintain their growth and their place at the top of their industries.

Why is marketing so essential to a successful business?

Unlike the international, multi-million dollar companies, small businesses have little choice; if they want to survive, marketing is essential. Even when your finances are looking tight, you should keep pushing resources into marketing. You may think you can’t afford it, but the reality is that you can’t afford to stop.

You can’t grow without marketing. If you don’t push your brand out into the world, then there’s no way for you to reach out to new markets. Marketing keeps your company present in the minds of past and potential customers.

If you’re not utilizing social media in your marketing; get to it! Social media allows your customers to see updates from you often, and they can engage with you more easily. Engaging with your customers regularly keeps you present in their minds. When they need a service or product you offer, they’re much more likely to pick you if they’ve seen marketing media from you recently.

Marketing is not a quick fix solution! You can’t think of it as a way to boost sales in a slow time or a rough patch; you should be marketing constantly. It’s also cumulative; keeping a steady pace means that you can keep growing. Marketing isn’t a sprint to the finish line; it’s more like a triathlon. It’s long-term, requires changing at different points, and you must pivot.

What happens if you stop marketing?

If you decide you might want to pause your marketing, there are several things you need to consider. First, ask yourself if your competition is going to stop marketing. Chances are, if they’re successful and growing then they’re currently marketing and will continue to do so. When a business ceases marketing, they almost always end up sinking and scraping by to make ends meet. Without marketing, you can’t acquire new customers, which also means you have no new avenues for cash flow. If you’re only scraping by, you aren’t focusing on innovating or finding new ways to create interest in your products/services.


Never forget that marketing should be one of your top priorities. Without marketing, a business cannot succeed and grow.

Never stop marketing!