It is an uncontested fact that we are living in stressful times. Between coronavirus and the recession, it is difficult to have inner peace. However, a yoga studio based in Delaware hopes to reinvigorate people and instill them with zen vibes through their kangaroo yoga classes. The studio has five kangaroos that can be fed and pet while you participate in a yoga class. The studio, called Barn Hill Preserve, is just one of the studios introducing animals to the yoga mat. Other studios include animals such as goats, cats, and dogs. Though this trend may at first appear strange and unsanitary, there are many emotional and physical benefits to exercising with animals.

So, what is special about animals participating in an exercise class? Aside from the joy that comes from being around cute animals, there are actually numerous health benefits. Firstly, the presence of animals is a strong motivation factor. People are more inclined to attend a group fitness classes if animals are present because they serve as an incentive. Next, the animals work to lower anxiety about class. Many people feel anxious about attending an exercise class and the presence of animals such as kangaroos help to serve as a distraction. From a health standpoint, animal yoga and fitness is good for you because it works to lower your blood pressure. Furthermore, it helps to boost one’s focus, enhance communication, lift one’s spirit, and lessen feelings of sadness and grief. Finally, its excellent for the animals too, so it is a mutually beneficial experience. The combination of these factors situates animal yoga in the position to be the ideal exercise class for beginners.

In conclusion, kangaroo yoga is an excellent development for the Yoga community and will likely generate a higher rate of revenue than traditional yoga studios. Beyond profit, however, is the joy and excitement customers get to experience as they are exercising. The model for kangaroo yoga is likely to become a trend as more people seek fun alternatives to exercise and are trying to regain balance in their lives. The serenity of yoga paired with the happiness that comes from the presence of animals positions Barn Hill Preserve’s studios in a favorable spot when compared to its competitors. In summation, who wouldn’t want to live out their Australian fantasy and play with kangaroos while doing yoga? It sounds like so many peoples dreams come to life!