Amidst the unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic, the economy’s growth has been stifled and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 10.2 percent as of July 2020. The downward pressure the economy has faced has plunged the United States into a recession. Given the high rates of unemployment, the market to get a job is immensely competitive. Yet, despite the fierce competition in the work environment, individuals continue to behave in inappropriate ways while searching for a job. There are a few key shortcomings when it comes to the stupidity of potential employees.

The first fatal mistake individuals make is not being good about communication. In this day and age, people are hyper attached to their cellular devices, yet when it comes to maintaining contact with potential employers, they fail to respond. Individuals do not answer their phones when they are called, or just blatantly ignore emails. It is this form of technological idiocy that prevents potential employees from gaining employment. Thus, the advice can be given when you are in a job search is that it is imperative to routinely check your email box and respond to phone calls. Employers are busy and do not want to feel like they are wasting their time.

Another form of stupidity that arises is the tendency for people to cancel their interviews of not show up at all. When an individual decides to not interview at the last minute it is an incredibly frustrating occurrence for the potential employer because they have wasted their time preparing for it. One such example of this distasteful and disrespectful behavior is the time that a woman did not come to her interview because she did not want to use an elevator or walk upstairs. One would assume that in this competitive job market, elevators or stairs should not be a significant enough obstacle to deter someone from seeking a job.

In conclusion, the job market is presently fiercely competitive due to both the high rates of unemployment and recession the United States is currently in. Given the competitive nature of the environment, it comes as a surprise that people continue to behave in such an inconsiderate and stupid way. To individuals reading this or seeking a job, remember the importance of communicating and basic respect. In these times the combination of those traits can be the difference between getting hired or remaining unemployed.