It’s been a few days since the NFL decided to protest the American flag. Before Sunday, it was a few pro football’s players’ choice to kneel in protest while the national anthem was being sung before kickoff, but that escalated when entire teams knelt and stood locked in arms in protest of our country. Although I am strongly against their actions, I do believe that they have a constitutional right to protest. However, I also believe that there is a time and a place for everything. In this case kneeling in protest before an NFL game was not the right time nor the right place. Although they were on a football field, the players were still in a professional environment. Their actions would be equivalent to any one of us protesting at our place of work. Their actions were not just unpatriotic, but also unprofessional.

In response to the actions of the NFL, president Trump stood firm with his previous remarks, stating that kneeling during the national anthem would be grounds for dismissal and asked the American people to boycott the NFL. He also praised NASCAR organization for standing firm against the NFL protest. Football has become the most popular sport in the US, surpassing every pro sports league. This is evident when every year the super bowl reports record breaking viewing numbers. Consequently, I believe that the NFL has a responsibility to portray the morals and views that our country represents, and their actions this past Sunday were not in line with the views of the Americans they represent. The actions of the NFL were disrespectful towards all of the soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. Any other place of work would suspend or even fire their employees for such actions, and I believe the NFL should do the same. Players need to be grateful for what they have, do their job, and protest on their own time  and their own dime!