Google continues to be the leader of innovation. The company that created the most used search engine, and driverless cars is now planning on building the city of the future. Sidewalk, a company owned by Google has started planning a major project aimed at transforming a Toronto neighborhood into the city of the future. It has already pledged $50 million for the initial phase of the project, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, plans to move Google’s Canadian headquarters to the neighborhood once the project is completed. Sidewalk believes that this project will be able to cut down on everything from energy use, to commute time.

The plans are very ambitious, Sidewalk plans to use buildings in a smart way rather than just for decoration. The architecture will cut down on winds, block rain, and create more shade on sunny days so that the Toronto waterfront can be more easily enjoyed by the future residents. The plans will also make the Toronto neighborhood environmentally friendly. Sidewalk says that this plan will cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 73%, potable water consumption by 65%, and landfill waste by 90%. The success of this project would be beneficial to both parties, Google and Toronto. Google will surely gain a foothold in a new market, allowing for even more growth to the tech giant. Toronto on the other hand will surely see a surge in its local economy. The project would include residential, as well as commercial areas that many people would be more than happy to buy. However, this is not Google’s first crack at trying to change a city’s infrastructure. Google is already working on plans to bring highspeed internet to New York City by using old payphones. This is a great example of how innovation can set a business up for the future. Google’s mindset is not just focused on the next 4 quarters like many others, it has a focus on the future that allows it to continue to expand and profit.