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LIVE on ‘Exit Rich’ is Dr. Amanda Barrientez, known as “The Mindset Healer” and the founder of Inner Power Daily™, an international best-selling author, and the host of the top 2% globally rated podcast called Inner Power Entrepreneur. She dives into the formula for harnessing an entrepreneur’s inner power to attract success in business, highlighting consistency as the critical ingredient to ensure good results. She also shares tips on how entrepreneurs can change habits that do not lead to any growth. Dr. Amanda’s superpower is helping you get unstuck, get aligned, and get what you want by tapping into your Inner Power. So tune in to this episode now to witness the start of your transformation!

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Get Unstuck, Aligned, And Bag What You Want By Tapping Into Your Inner Power With Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Welcome to another episode. As always, we bring you great, impactful, life-changing, business-changing information content. This week is no different. In fact, this week might be one of the best weeks ever because we have the one-of-a-kind, Dr. Amanda Barrientez, known as a mindset healer. How many of us need to heal our mindset? I would say all of us actually do because so many of us live in a subconscious and we make decisions based upon our past experiences and our baggage. She is the Founder of Inner Power Daily, an international bestselling author, and the host of the top 2% globally rated podcast called Inner Power Entrepreneur. I love it. If you’re reading and you know somebody on food stamps, make sure you share this episode with them. It could be life-changing.

After going from food stamps to building a six-figure business fast, not slow because entrepreneurs like to do things fast, she’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs and business professionals science-based strategies to reprogram their energy, mindset, and habits. It’s all about habits so they can get what they want in life and business. Dr. Amanda’s superpower is helping you get unstuck. How many of you feel stuck? I’m an entrepreneur all my life and I do get stuck from time to time. Get aligned and get what you want by tapping into your inner power. Dr. Amanda, welcome to the show. It’s a pleasure to have you.

Thank you, Michelle. I need you to travel around with me and give that intro everywhere I go.

You have to start by telling us what you were like as a little girl. What were some of your background experiences? Not so much, but just share some insights so our readers get to know you a little bit personally.

My brother used to call me Smiles too much. It’s funny because I actually felt like I didn’t have a very playful childhood, but I was in my imagination a lot. I was always doing cheers. I was very athletic and always driven. I was top of my class, top of whatever I did in athletics. I was always driven. Also, I had this rebel side that was very wild.

I had this dual personality going on that I still think I have in this version of myself because I love to mix the fun playfulness of building a business and spirituality of building a business and then make it practical so people can actually transform and get what they want in their life and business. I bring all these different flavors and variations of myself into how I teach, coach, write, and play in my business-building endeavors.

How did you end up on food stamps to becoming Dr. Amanda, growing your own six-figure businesses, and teaching everyone how to do that?

Most people can go back and pinpoint a moment when they decided it was time to change. They don’t always know where it will lead them. For me, it started when I had left my fifteen-year marriage having an affair and my next relationship wasn’t working out. Here I am on the basement floor looking at an empty basement where my boyfriend had moved out and I’m crying. I’m thinking, “My God.”

I’m already on food stamps because I had three kids. I was in grad school earning my PhD. I lived in an expensive place. I’m looking at houses on Craigslist and I can’t find anything I can afford. I’m sitting there on the floor crying going, “I’m going to be homeless with my three kids.” I’m already working an extra job. I’m already in grad school full-time, just busy and stressed.

I remember I was lying there thinking. I’m scanning my life course and thinking about who I can blame for why I am in this position. I was feeling super victim-minded and scared. I had this revelation that as I was scanning my life course, I was like, “Every version of my life, I’ve been the center of it. It’s actually me that needs to change.”

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That was such an incredible moment because I sat up and thought, “I am willing to do whatever it takes to have better relationships and make more money.” I had no idea where that was going to lead me, but it led me to listen to podcasts because they were free and I could learn on the go. What I would do is listen to every podcast I could on relationships, confidence, money, and business. I started to learn and change. What happened was cool. It was like, “All these podcasts are done by coach-type people.”

I loved teaching in the university. At the same time, my university where I was at had this national news fallout where professors were leaving the department. I was thinking, “I have no desire to be a professor anymore. This looks stressful and not fun.” I thought, “Screw it. I’m going to take the leap when I get my PhD. I’m going to build my own coaching business because I love teaching and working with people.” That first year after I graduated, I built my business to six figures. It’s been a wild fun, rollercoaster ride.

How did you support yourself when you were getting that degree?

Because I was already on food stamps and living in subsidized housing, I didn’t need a lot of money. The first month, I had enough clients to cover my expenses, so I just hustled. Everybody who gave me money for graduation, I spent it on a marketing course. I went and took this marketing course. Right away, I started networking. It led to this snowball of people coming my way. A trick for most people to know, especially at the startup phase, is I didn’t spend a lot of money on developing a whole bunch of systems. I didn’t have a website. I didn’t even have cards. I just knew I needed to talk to people and start putting myself out there and having powerful conversations that would lead to coaching clients.

There’s a lot to unpack there. Number one is you were laying there going, “I’m the center of everything. Everything starts and ends with me. What can I do to change my life and my children’s life?” That’s what so many people do. They get stuck in the mindset, “Why is this happening to me?” instead of asking, “Why is this happening for me?” That’s crucial what you said because I have friends and I have people who’ve worked for me who no longer work for me. They get stuck in their past. When they get stuck, “This happened to me, Michelle. This is the worst and this will never happen to anybody else.” I’ve got news for you all. Whatever you think you’re going through, somebody else has it worse than you. You said it was a fifteen marriage and it was an affair on your end.

I’m an open book. Something that’s been so valuable in sharing these stories with people is that they go like, “I can tell Amanda anything because she’s been there, done it, and experienced places that cause a lot of shame.” Being on food stamps feels very shameful. Having an affair is very shameful.

Living in subsidized rent is shameful.

Especially, when all of your friends are wealthy. The people that I was surrounded by had a ton of money. They’re going on trips over spring break to Europe while I’m at home feeding my kids beans and rice and figuring out ways to have a fun park picnic adventure because I don’t have any money to do anything with them.

Was that affair a self-sabotage thing?

I always look retrospectively and think everything is always worth it because I don’t think anything happens in your life that’s not for your growth depending on how you perceive it and how you respond to it. It wasn’t sabotage because I wouldn’t say my life was going great. Usually, we sabotage in moments of success. It was my way of breaking free from a marriage that wasn’t aligned. I got pregnant and married at twenty and dropped out of school. We had a lovely relationship in many ways and a misaligned relationship in many ways.

By the time I started going back to school to finish my degree, we had moved 35 times. I had always sacrificed so that he could follow his dreams. Stay-at-home parenthood for me was miserable. I was suicidally depressed some of the time. It was a horrible fit for my genius. I’m a go-getter. I love to be out in the world doing stuff. I love teaching. Staying at home and being a mom was hard for me. I loved my kids, but I wasn’t fulfilled.

When I went back to school, I ended up meeting somebody. The way that stuff plays out is interesting. I look back and I go, “I’m so grateful that it happened because it’s taught me so much and it helped me break free from ways I was stuck being.” I would never choose the same path now and I’m much more skilled in relationships. My ex and I are great friends. We’ve repaired it and we’re great friends. It’s taught me and him so much.

Folks, we don’t recommend you do that at home.

If you want to have a messy adventure, try having an affair. It will shake things up. It was very shame-inducing. It was hard. It was a hard way to end a relationship.

Not the best way to end it, but some good things did come out of it. Not that I suggest anyone who does that. I’m sure Dr. Amanda doesn’t suggest that either. You’re so introspective and you can look back at it now and say, “This happened for me, not to me or somebody else. We’re all in a better place now.” That’s what’s so important because there are so many people that focus on the past.

I’ve always asked this question. We’ve all had challenging childhoods, I know. I have lots of people, clients, employees, etc. You can take two people, give them a horrible childhood, and one will make it out. They will survive. They will thrive. They’ll give back to their community. They’ll be a blessing to others, while the other one blames this, blames that, blames everyone around them. All they do is play the blame game. Why is that?

I love that you say this. I wrote down that you were talking earlier and I said, “The blame game leads to being helpless.” That’s why. When you blame other people, you lose all of your power. My PhD dissertation research was with incarcerated men who had been incarcerated on average for eighteen years and were involved in gangs. I got to do life history interviews with them. I’d sit in a room with them for four hours and ask them questions about their history and ask them how and why they were ready to change or what was going on there. The thing they said blew my mind.

FYE Dr.Amanda Barrientez | Inner Power Formula

Inner Power Formula: The blame game leads to being helpless.


When you’re talking about children who have trauma, this is like movie-level violence that you could never even imagine how bad it was that they experienced. You turned into a violent offender and had a hard life. It was so cool to get to sit with them and have them have such an empowered mindset. They had to work hard to get into this rehabilitation program, and I asked them, “What caused you to be ready?” First, they said, “You got to be ready and it’s a decision.” It’s just a decision.

You decide in a moment, just like I did when I was lying on the floor crying, “I am ready to do whatever it takes to have better relationships and make more money.” That decision is so powerful because when you decide, you are cutting off any other options. You’re committing, which causes you to take automatic action. I didn’t know what to do exactly. I just knew, “I’m going to start listening to podcasts and see where that goes because at least I know that’s information that can help me learn and grow.”

I always like to tell people, “You don’t need to know steps A to Z. You just need to know steps A to B. That’s it. Once you take steps A to B, C will appear and then D will appear.” I love this quote by Rumi. He says, “As you take a step on the way, the way appears.” I love that quote. That’s important because most people get stuck thinking too big. They think they’ve got to know A to Z or even maybe A to Q, and then they don’t take any action. Don’t get stuck there. Make a decision about what you want and then take one step on the way and let the next step appear.

Don’t get stuck. Just make a decision about what you want, then take one step on the way, and let the next step appear. Click To Tweet

It’s like when a student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Exactly, and that teacher appearing is your next step.

What is the name of your book? Remind us again.

The book is I Am a Money Magnet: The Top 30 Money Making AffirMantras to Manifest More. What’s cool about this book is it’s so integrated into my journey of going from food stamps to six figures. I teach a principle to help with subconscious reprogramming. It is a habits transformation tool and it’s a very simple process. I call it my Inner Power Formula. 1) Recognize. 2) Reframe. 3) Repeat to reprogram. If people could walk away knowing that and follow it, everything can change.

Here’s the issue. Let’s use business as an example. People will step into a business. Let’s say that recognized piece. Let’s say they go, “I’m tired of working for someone else. I want freedom of time. I recognize I’m miserable. The thing I’m going to do about it is become an entrepreneur.” That’s a reframe. You reframe from being an employee to an entrepreneur. Now, the problem is they get impatient and they don’t keep repeating steps to be successful. The only way to get new outcomes is to repeat and reprogram yourself because our subconscious mind stores all of our beliefs, feelings, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

Most people, when they’re stepping into entrepreneurship, even if they’ve been high-power CEOs at another company, all of a sudden get this Imposter syndrome triggered because they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re in this new territory and they give up too soon. They get frustrated because they feel like they don’t know what they’re doing. I like to teach subconscious reprogramming so that people can get different results.

They also have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’ve had a few people say, “You need to do it in your comfort zone.” I’m like, “You need to expand. Reach beyond your comfort zone because it’s only when you expand and get comfortable with being uncomfortable and reaching beyond that level is where you grow.” You cannot grow your business beyond growing yourself.

Something you said Michelle is so important. It’s that sitting in discomfort causes you to grow. What most people want to do when they start to feel uncomfortable, they want to do something to make it go away because we’re animals and we live by the pleasure-pain principle. If you feel uncomfortable, you immediately want to do something to fix the problem of feeling uncomfortable, but a hasty decision doesn’t lead to effective results. Sitting in the discomfort is powerful.

If you feel uncomfortable, you immediately want to do something to fix the discomfort. But a hasty decision doesn't lead to effective results. Sitting in discomfort is powerful for effective results. Click To Tweet

That’s why I say, “Don’t make decisions based on emotions.” Take a step back. Think about it. Maybe gain some insight from somebody who’s traveled down your path before. Maybe hire a mentor like Dr. Amanda and seek that. Don’t seek opinions. Seek expert advice. What you’re saying was based on logic. We got a couple of questions here. Jacob says, “What are some of the most effective techniques you’ve found for nurturing inner power?”

Great question, Jacob. Thanks for interacting and engaging. Go to InnerPower101.com. There are an awesome two hours of videos that will teach you five strategies to start to cultivate inner power. I can talk about it here. We are energetic beings and our outcome is based on our state of being. Our state of being is made up of our feelings and our thoughts. Anything we believe and anything we feel is our state of being. That’s what attracts your reality to you through magnetism. In order for you to get different results in your life, you’ve got to actually reprogram your state of being, which sounds so simple, yet it’s a repeated pattern that you do daily over time. You’ve got to start to get conscious of your thoughts, decisions, feelings, and actions.

FYE Dr.Amanda Barrientez | Inner Power Formula

Inner Power Formula: Anything we believe and feel will attract your reality to you through magnetism.


The interesting thing is action is evidence of belief. If you are procrastinating, which is a huge issue for people, you already know that you have a conflict in your belief system. Anytime someone tells me they’re procrastinating, I go back to like, “How are you feeling? What are you believing?” If you’re not taking action, it means you don’t believe in the result that you say you want, so you’re going to procrastinate.

They can become so overwhelmed. I always say our brain’s like our computer. When we have so many open cycles, we have so many things open on our computer or our brain, what happens with your computer? It begins to slow down. It malfunctions. It’s not effective. It’s not efficient anymore and then eventually shuts down. The same thing happens with the brain. You’ve got to start closing the cycles, checking some of those boxes to free up your brain power.

I love what you just said. Always think of your brain as a problem-solving operating system. When you plug in a clear question, it can lead to a clear result. When you plug in a whole bunch of confusion, it leads to scattered results. That’s what most people are doing when they’re sitting in a low-level state of stress. That’s the opposite of inner power.

This question that Jacob asked, “What are some of the most effective techniques you’ve found for nurturing inner power?” It’s alignment. Simply journaling. Asking yourself different questions is incredibly powerful. Also, short meditations. I teach people two-minute meditation techniques to shift their energy because most people aren’t going to commit to a 30-minute meditation practice.

When I work with high-power people, who are building massive wealth, they’re busy and they are resistant to changing their inner state of being, yet they keep getting results that cause them to be stressed. They might be high-power earners. They might have huge companies. They might be growing rapidly, but if they’re not a 10 out of 10 in their personal life and how they feel, their inner power is off.

Those are meditation and journaling. I do EFT tapping with people. That’s fun and easy. I do energy check-ins. I do scripting, strategies that are very short, simple, and actionable. I love the power of a daily morning routine. One of my core foundational products or programs that I have people in is a daily morning routine program for entrepreneurs.

I know that for most entrepreneurs, the first thing they get up is they’re looking at their phone. They’re getting distracted. They’re thinking about their email. They’re starting to already go. They’re setting up their system for stress and overwhelmed, just like you were talking about. Your whole day spirals into that. You can’t get high ROI results because you’re already starting out with stress.

What if you get up and get a cup of coffee? Does that start your stress?

I do matcha every morning. First, I start with green tea. I then go to black tea. Rituals are great. What I challenge and suggest to people is to start a ritual of having a power-packed morning routine. When I say power-packed, it doesn’t have to be long. It can be short. My program is fifteen minutes. That’s it.

FYE Dr.Amanda Barrientez | Inner Power Formula

Inner Power Formula: Start a ritual of having a power-packed morning routine.


Give us an example of that.

What I do in my program is it’s a very short inspirational, self-reflective lesson. This is part of that recognize and reframe. Because it’s a daily program, it’s repeat to reprogram. What I’m doing through this program is helping people retrain their subconscious energy system. Those are short daily lesson and journaling through a journaling prompt. I give a journaling prompt.

What are you journaling about?

I love that you’re asking this because I’ve worked with so many people, who when I work with people one-on-one, journal. They’re almost always resistant to it at first because they’re like, “I know I should journal, but I don’t know what to say. I feel frustrated when I’m sitting and looking at the blank book,” so I teach them journaling prompts. The program gives them journaling prompts to follow so they’re not just staring at a blank book.

Most readers would agree if everyone was here in front of us and we asked them to raise their hand, “Do you know the top habits that successful people do?” Everyone would agree. Daily morning routine is huge for the highest successful people. For journaling, people will go like, “I know that successful people journal, but I’m not sure what to write.” Meditation is high up there, as well. Teaching people how to do those strategies in very simple ways that they can create as a daily habit can be tricky. That’s why I created this program because I heard so many people flailing in this area.

To clarify, it was learn, journal, and meditate. What are we learning in your morning routine?

I always recommend something that’s personal growth and development-based. For me, it’s money mindset. It’s business growth. It could be physical health. It could be relationships. Whatever area where you’re feeling the least skilled or the most inspired, learn there.

It’s 5-5-5. Right at the end, we’re going to do a two-minute meditation.

Perfect. I love leading meditations. You said 5-5-5. At least in the program, the way I have it, it’s about eight minutes of learning. It’s a two-minute meditation session and then they journal what the prompts are for that day.

The first thing I do is get up and get coffee. The second thing I got to do is work out. Another thing I do is watch something that’s very inspiring to me on TV as I’m getting dressed, which I’m learning from. It’s inspirational. I start my day with that every day. I’m not doing drawing. I’m not doing meditation. It’s a huge fire drill at my house to get my dog and my kid ready and get our day started. I miss the meditation.

That’s why I want to talk about meditation at the end. My husband was a huge meditator, and I’ve tried meditating so many times. I went to the doctor so many times and said, “I know I’m ADD/ADHD. Diagnose it.” They’re like, “No, you are not. You just have a fast brain and you can’t slow it down.” Meditation I know is huge and I would like to learn. How do you do that in two minutes? We’ll talk a little bit about that.

I want to say something real quick because you said words that were very important. You can’t slow it down. I would reframe to, “I choose not to slow it down.” Everything’s a choice. We could go, “I choose to slow my brain down,” and repeat that to ourselves. In my book, AffirMantras, the reason I call them affirmantras is that affirmations generally do not work for people because when they repeat something to themselves that isn’t true, they’re causing resistance. Resistance is the number one reason we don’t manifest instantaneously or don’t create what we want. We want to be seeing statements to ourselves that are 100% true.

FYE Dr.Amanda Barrientez | Inner Power Formula

I Am a Money Magnet: The Top 30 Money Making AffirMantras to Manifest More

When we say things that are affirming to our limitations, they become true. We always want to go, “I choose blank.” I choose this as a statement that can be 100% true. If you say, “I choose to be more focused and aligned energetically throughout the day,” versus, “I am energetically focused and aligned throughout the day,” if you don’t believe it, you’re causing resistance versus if you say, “I choose to be focused and aligned throughout the day,” that’s a different energetic frequency and you’re sending yourself a different message.

Joyce Myers, who I listen to every morning, says, “I don’t smoke anymore. Smoking is nasty. It tastes horrible.” That’s how she quit in two weeks. It’s pretty similar. Stefan says, “How do you incorporate mindfulness and self-awareness into the inner power daily approach?” Will you talk a little bit about that?

One thing I do whenever I’m changing a habit is I set alarms for myself. The only way to be successful at changing a habit is to repeat it and do it in the first place. For me, let’s say I wanted to be more mindful in my day. I would set an alarm on my phone that says, “Spend two minutes in mindfulness.” When I started the meditation habit, I had a meditation that’s called the TLC meditation. We can do this one at the end. It’s a two-minute meditation. I would put every 90 minutes on my phone. An alarm would go off that said, “Do the TLC meditation,” and then it would remind me. Once I made it an autopilot habit, I didn’t need the alarm anymore.

At first, when you’re doing something new, you’ve got to remind yourself because it’s very challenging to change our autopilot behaviors. That’s why most people never change and never get different results because they don’t know how to change their autopilot behaviors. It’s a great question, Stefan. You’ve got to program yourself for success by figuring out ways to remind yourself. An alarm on your phone is a great way to go if you want to be self-aware.

You must program yourself for success by figuring out ways to remind yourself to change your autopilot behaviors. Click To Tweet

It’s a great system. I’ve used it effectively. Another tool you can use is a trigger approach. Every time you go to the bathroom, you decide, “When I go to the bathroom, I’m going to take three deep breaths while I’m going to the bathroom.” You go to the bathroom frequently and repetitively. It’s a good way if you attach it and stack it. All of a sudden, you’ll go, “When I’m in the bathroom, I’m just going to spend my one minute of breathing.” Every time you go to the bathroom, you get one minute of breathing. That can change your energetic system and cultivate inner power.

I’ll tell you that I got great strengths and I’ve got weaknesses like all of us. One of my biggest things is patience. I’m sure my team is laughing at me now, and that’s okay. What do you do for patience?

This is a good one. Maybe this mindset switch or this awareness will help you. I work with people all the time when they’re struggling with patience. I don’t think I know an entrepreneur who doesn’t struggle with patience because we all want quick success. We want immediate results. Something to know about patience that’s important is that when you are impatient, you’re causing the universal results to slow down.

The way that works is that when you’re impatient, what you’re signaling to the universe or your outer world is that you have too much on your plate and you’re overwhelmed. You need things to happen faster, which is a scarcity consciousness and a low vibrational frequency. The universe slows down things on the outside so that you start to shift. If you decide you want things to come to you more quickly, you’ve got to be more patient, more slow-moving, and do less.

Most people think it’s the opposite. They’re like “I’ve got too much to do so I got to be faster about doing it. I’m going to keep adding stuff to my plate so I can get to this level of success and then I can relax.” That’s how most people think. It’s exactly the opposite. You’ve got to go, “I choose to be relaxed in the moment,” knowing that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. When you are patient, relaxed, and calm, the universe speeds up bringing you the results. Anytime you notice yourself being impatient, remind yourself with a reframe and go, “I choose to be calm and relaxed in this moment to attract faster opportunities or speed the results,” whatever it is that you’re attracting.

FYE Dr.Amanda Barrientez | Inner Power Formula

Inner Power Formula: If you notice yourself being impatient, remind yourself with a reframe and be calm and relaxed at this moment to attract faster opportunities or speed up your results, whatever it is that you attract.


What do you do for anger? I got one that will throw stuff across the room and try to hit their employees and things like that. What do you do for anger control?

If I were working with someone one-on-one, I would want to get to the root of why they’re angry. I don’t think there’s a one-solution answer for everyone there. You got to detect why you’re angry. To me, anger is an out-of-alignment state. If you’re aligned in your inner power, you’re not going to have reactivity, and anger is reactivity. When you’re in alignment with inner power, you are in a balanced, poised state of equilibrium, which means that you respond instead of react. I love the word responsibility because it means the ability to respond. When you’re being responsive, it means you’re slowing down to see all sides and you’re not going to have a reactive outcome.

If someone’s acting angry, I already know something’s going on inside that they have conflict about. They’re not conscious of it usually. That’s where I would dig in and go like, “Let’s figure out what’s going on there with that misalignment and causing you to be reactive.” Again, it’s a training thing. You got to start training your system to respond instead of to react.

I’ve had clients, friends, and employees and I tried to move them to get past their past and do all these things to support them and help them. Like you said earlier, it’s a choice. They choose to stay in the past versus create a new future. They continue to give power to the past instead of the power to change their life. How do you get people past that point?

It’s interesting you say this because whatever it is that I am in the world, I don’t attract victim-minded people to work with generally. This is great for anyone in their business. In my book, experiences, my whole company, and everything I do is framed by this one statement that I tell everybody, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you don’t like what’s going on the outside, change what’s within.” We live in a vibrational energetic frequency where we are attracting through our state of being. Whatever you’re attracting in the outer world you don’t like, look within. It’s not the people, it’s you. They’re just in the outer world showing up in material form to show you yourself and your subconscious beliefs.

They’re my clients.

For anyone reading, whoever you’re attracting is just an outer reflection of you. If you don’t like it, here’s a question to ask yourself, Michelle. Go like, “Where in my life am I being victim-minded? Where in my life and my business am I stuck in blaming other people?” Once you deal with that, you’ll start attracting different types of people. Not to say these people are bad or wrong. They’re actually gifts and blessings to you.

My problem is I try to help and fix everybody.

There you go. That’s why you’re attracting victim-minded people. I don’t ever try to fix anybody. I don’t have that power. It’s not my job to fix people. It’s my job to show you how to fix yourself.

I’m trying to lead them to get the help they need to fix and better themselves.

Can I point something out? You’ve said the word try several times. Anytime someone says try, I already know they’re struggling with something because you don’t say the word try when you’re not in a struggle. You would say, “I help people transform.” You wouldn’t say, “I’m trying to help people transform.”

It’s not my space like it is your space. My space is to help people and to exit rich, which is what I do. I’m in a different space.

What’s so cool is that I can hear those things in you. I’m sure you could come in and detect things in my business that would help me exit rich that I don’t see. That’s why people need coaches because you can’t see your blind spots.

We’ll do a trade. I’ll help you with your business, and you’ll help me with mine.

I don’t want to exit my business at this point, but I will come to you when I’m ready to.

Everybody should plan and prepare for the exit. You never know the day that comes that something catastrophic could happen and you always want to be prepared.

That is true. Definitely.

Steff says, “Do you have a specific frequency you recommend to meditate, for example, 432?”

It’s 432 hertz versus 528. I will say this. I’ve experimented with so many types of meditation. It’s super fun to play with different frequencies, but I don’t teach it based on that because, for me, it’s more important about the habit of meditating on a regular basis and resonating with the way that you do it. For some people, they do awesome at one-hour meditations. For some people, they do my two-minute meditation multiple times throughout the day. For some people, it might be a walking meditation.

You’ve got to learn what works best for you. It’s fun to experiment with different frequencies when you’re listening. They can be rejuvenating, restorative, and healing. It’s awesome. I don’t have one that I recommend specifically because I typically tend to teach people how to. When you’re coming from a place of inner power, you want to learn what works best for you. That’s going to be different for different people based on what they resonate with in the most congruent way.

I agree with that 1,000% because Joyce Myers says the same thing. She’s like, “I try to be like Sister Christian and pray for five hours a day. I did ten minutes and fell asleep.” She said, “I woke up, tried to do another ten minutes, and fell asleep.” You got to find what works for you, but it is imperative to work with an expert, who can guide you and teach you because I’ve tried numerous times. What I’ll do next time is I’ll have you on my show. Many people struggle with tapping into their inner power. What are some common challenges your clients or followers face? How do you help them overcome these obstacles?

I would say entrepreneurs struggle the most at different stages of business. It was amazing for me when I was on food stamps and I started working with clients. I had this funny unicorn belief that all rich people were happy and awesome. They had no problems and everything was great. That was my infatuated idea of rich people when I started hanging out with rich people.

Rich people would say, “That’s a rich person’s problem.”

It was so interesting to me.

Their problems are much bigger, actually.

We’re all just people. We all struggle with the exact same things. It shows up in different versions with different outcomes, but the struggles are the same. People struggle a lot with negative self-comparison. They struggle a lot with Imposter syndrome. They struggle a lot with procrastination. They struggle a lot with low energy and chronic stress that they’re so used to that they don’t even know that they’re stressed. They just don’t feel that good. I teach people zone of genius coaching. I coach from a place of zone of manifestation so that you can have a life in business you love that you wake up every day and feel like, “Yes, I would not choose to do anything else with my time.” Time is our most precious commodity. How you spend your time matters a lot.

This will tie back to that question. Most people think that, “Once I have something, I’ll feel better.” That’s an impossibility because you are creating from your inner power, which is your energetic state, which means if you want to live a life of wealth, and when I’m saying wealth here, I’m talking holistic wealth, like happiness or success in all areas. The word wealth actually means a combination of two words, health and well-being. It doesn’t even have anything to do with money, originally.

If you want to live a life of wealth, you've got to be it and attract it to you. Click To Tweet

If you have true wealth, you’ll have success in the financial area, mental health, relationships, physical health, spiritual well-being, and all the things. In order to have that, you’ve got to be it and attract it to you. It’s not the other way around. Most entrepreneurs are like, “It’s amazing how we get everything backward. I’ve got to work hard to get the thing and then I’ll be happy.” It doesn’t work that way. “I will work on being aligned with my inner power and then I’ll take strategic inspired action and then the outcome will automatically come to me. I’ll just keep reinforcing that and expanding and growing as I learn.”

I always say that happiness is a journey. It’s not the destination. You get so excited and so happy to plan this specification. You plan it, and you’re doing this and this. You’re so looking forward to it. You have a great time, but happiness is in the journey, just like setting up your own company. Steff asks, “Can you share any success stories from your community that demonstrate the transformation effect of tapping into your inner power?”

I’ve had people double their income in a week. I’ve had people have the wildest things that they don’t expect. I’ll work with someone. They come to me to work with me on business. They lose 10 pounds, find the love of their life, and then drop an entire business they were doing to do something that’s more aligned. I’ve had people be better parents and have better relationships.

Ultimately, when you’re tapping into your inner power, every single area of your life and business gets affected because you’re the center of your universe. All of a sudden, you’re going to notice more confidence. You’re going to notice more connections. You’re going to notice more joy in what you’re doing and have less stress. Your physical body starts to feel better. You attract different opportunities.

When I work with people, it’s like doubling income, changing business structures, and getting way more aligned with things they enjoy doing. A lot of dropping, automating, and delegating happens so that they spend less time making more money. A lot of people will tell me that they feel higher consciousness. Because I work with them, they use that word because we’ve talked about consciousness a lot.

They feel more in tune with who they are and know that what they’re doing matters. That then leads to growing their business because they step into this zone of manifestation, where you’re feeling connected, feeling inspired, and leading your life from a place of joy, which automatically causes you to magnetize money your way, opportunities your way, and more joy your way. I could give a ton of them.

Give us three of your biggest steps, techniques, or whatever you want to call it to become a money magnet.

I will say this. The three steps are recognize, reframe, repeat to reprogram. That’s all you need to do. When you’re looking at money beliefs, you’ve got to tap into how you were programmed subconsciously from the ages of 0-7, first.

That’s what my father used to say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees. You’ve got a champagne appetite on a beer bucket book.”

There you go. You would dig in and go, “How is that playing out in my life as an adult?” An example is I always teach three money beliefs, “Money is bad, money is scarce, and money causes stress.” Money is bad would be something along the lines of like, “Rich people are greedy jerks. Money is the root of all evil. I shouldn’t get paid this much for doing something spiritual,” those types of things. This happens a lot with people who are capped themselves at certain levels because they go, “If I make too much money, I’ll become a greedy jerk.”

I call that the financial thermostat. That’s one of the biggest things I look at when I’m interviewing.

When you’re wanting to raise your thermostat, the only way to do it is to first recognize what you believe. You got to take the read of the room. He calls it your money set point and talks about it as a thermostat. To raise your thermostat, you have to go look at the thermostat setting. That’s the same thing as you’re starting to look at, “What do I believe and feel about money?” A fun question I start people with is, “If you could write down your family’s money motto, what would it be?” This is very easy for people to come up with. A lot of people were like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees. You got to work hard to make money. Money is the root of all evil. Money is stressful. There’s never enough,” those kind of things.

You want to start picking at that and going like, “I was programmed to believe that money is stressful, which means that when I start making more money, I’m going to automatically sabotage to get down to a lower level because I have a subconscious belief that if I make more money, it’s going to cause more responsibility and more stress.” If you don’t decide to disentangle that and reframe it, you’re going to keep getting the same outcomes.

What about when money doesn’t grow on trees? That causes scarcity, right?

It depends. You would want to question yourself and go like, “What did it cause me to believe to be true if my parents told me money doesn’t grow on trees?”

To me, it’s disagreeing with them and saying, “Yes, it does. If there’s money all around me, I just got to look at the opportunity to seize it.”

It is interesting you say that. You can either get stuck in your parents’ money beliefs or you can rebel against them. Sometimes, to rebel against them will equal you have a lot of money. It doesn’t always equal a happy, great relationship with money. Sometimes it does for people. Generally speaking, if you have money beliefs that are imbalanced, you’re going to lead to volatility in your money-making, or you’re not going to feel good about money in general. It’s wild to work with people across all different income levels because you all see, “Rich people have no issues.” We’re like, “That’s not true.” You then realize it’s not the amount of money that fixes the problem. It’s how you feel about money. It’s that internal. You could be making billions and feel super stressed and scared you’re going to lose it.

The other thing too is you can make a lot of money and just never keep it because it always brings you back down to that financial dumbness. A lot of people do that where they make a ton of money, but then they lose it all back to what their comfort zone is. Real quick, we’re going to spend two-minute meditation and then we’re going to talk about how everyone can get in contact with you. Before we do that, do you have any last-minute tips, golden nuggets, or brilliant ideas, which I know you do, that you can leave our readers?

Based on the conversation we’ve had, start with the next best first step. That’s it. In the recognize, reframe, repeat to reprogram, just go, “What am I feeling bad about? Where am I struggling?” Identify it and then go, “What’s one thing I can do differently today than I did yesterday?” Do that every single day. Radical results come from tiny daily steps. That’s habit transformation. Take small daily steps. You don’t need to think huge. Most entrepreneurs think way too big. It’s like vision-based thinking. Big is awesome, but habits-based thinking, think small.

Let’s start meditation. Let’s all get ready. What do we do first? We got two minutes.

I’ll teach TLC. It will take us a little bit longer than two because I’m guiding it. When you do it by yourself, set this up for two minutes. It’s awesome. Close your eyes. I always start with three deep breaths. T is Three Breaths. The L is Listen, Let Go, and Land. The C is Conscious Intention. We’re going to close our eyes and we’re going to walk through those three steps.

I call it the TLC meditation also because it’s Tender Loving Care. Everyone, go ahead and close your eyes. If you’re driving, don’t do that. Close your eyes and let’s take three deep breaths. Breathe in. On the in-breath, imagine gold and light filling every cell of your being, causing your cells to vibrate, jump around, and feel good. On the out, let go. You’re letting go of any resistance that’s there that’s conscious or unconscious.

Another one in. On the in-breath, breathe in deeply and slowly, and imagine gold and light filling every cell of your being, giving you energy, clarity, and power. On the out, let go of anything that’s stopping you from having the most powerful day you can have. Again, on the in, breathe in gold and light, love for yourself, love for the people in your life, love for being an entrepreneur, and love for getting to be here right now with us. On the out, let go.

For the L part, you have let go. Now, let’s just listen. This listening is listening to your body and listening to where you’re at so that you can land in the present moment. In this space, I keep my eyes closed. I keep breathing naturally. I like to listen to my body first. I do a body scan. I check in with my head and I go, “Is there any tightness in my forehead or my cheeks?” If there is, release, relax, and let go.

Notice if your tongue is tight in your mouth or if it’s relaxed on the bottom of your mouth, let it relax. Listen, let go, release. Now, your neck, your shoulders, your back. Notice if there’s any tension or tightness there. Breathe into it. Listen, relax, and release. Now, your arms, your belly, and your lower back. Release, relax, let go. Your legs, your glutes, your knees, your shins, and your toes. Breathe as you release, relax, and let go in those spaces, those parts of your body.

To bring energy back in through your toes, imagine that there’s energy calming straight from the earth into your toes, up to the top of your body all the way to your brain. You’re taking a deep breath in and bringing energy up to the top of your head. I like to imagine as I’m filling my body with that breath, gold and light filling every part of my body, giving me confidence, power, and purpose.

As we close, we’ll take a deep breath in. On the deep breath, I want you to set a conscious intention for the rest of your day. This is a conscious intention of how you’re going to spend the rest of your day so that you can be aligned with power and taking strategic action. Go ahead and breathe in, as deeply as you can. Ask yourself, “What’s my conscious intention for the day?” Let your brain come up with it. Let it pop into your consciousness or come up with it consciously. On the out, when you’re ready, go ahead and open your eyes.

You just notice how different you feel. It’s important when you’re done meditating. You go like, “Taking three deep breaths and focusing on how I feel for a couple of minutes can change everything.” What I would do here is write down your conscious intention. If one didn’t pop in while you’re meditating, make one up now. Go, “My conscious intention for the next hour is to call three people to make new contacts for my business. My conscious intention is to be clear, focused, and present so that I can feel good for the rest of the day. My conscious intention is to drop the stress, connect with my body, and take strategic action,” whatever pops in for you. Any questions?

Awesome. I would tell you everything in my body was tense, including my tongue.

Isn’t that interesting?

What if somebody has five conscious intentions?

That’s fine, except for scattered energy leads to scattered results. You need to narrow your focus to expand your freedom. If you’re a person who tends to go too big, I would narrow it to 1 to 3 for that next period of time or do the meditation more regularly. For example, I used to do it every 90 minutes. I would set my conscious intention for the next 90-minute block. On the next one, I’d set the next conscious intention for the 90-minute block.

It was great. Does anybody have any comments here about it? Hopefully, everybody did it, except if you’re driving. That was fantastic. Any last-minute thoughts? Let’s tell our readers about your book. How can they find it and how can I get in contact with you? You’ve been a wealth of information. There are so many great insights that a lot of us know. I always say common sense is not so common anymore and we don’t practice it as enough as we should. We need to live more in a conscious and less in a subconscious.

That’s so true. If they go to IamAMoneyMagnetBook.com, there are free chapters there. You can also order it there. That’s a great way to get started on reprogramming your money beliefs. There are 100 journaling questions in there. It is an awesome book with the Inner Power Formula that will teach you how to reprogram from the inside out. The InnerPower101.com has free course and awesome tips.

If they are interested in the morning routine program, I have a seven-day free trial. They would go to InnerPowerDaily.com/membership. If that was too much to write down, go to my main website and you’ll find everything there. Everything I do is under InnerPowerDaily.com. If you remember just that InnerPowerDaily.com, you’ll find everything there, my podcast and freebies and working with me and all the things.

Great job, Doc.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything that you shared with us. Thank you for the meditation. I do feel a little bit more relaxed, so that’s a good thing because I’m always wound up tighter than a yo-yo. I want to thank all of our Exit Rich guests. Tune into another episode with a powerful guest that we’ll bring on this show to help inspire, help you grow, help you to have the best quality of life you can possibly create for you and your family, and get back to your community.

Please, I know you love this episode. I know it was like drinking through a water hose. Read it over and over again. Share it with your network. Share it with your friends, and share it with anybody you know. Anybody you feel is stuck in business or stuck in their life, share it. The more you share it, the more that we can help others. Thank you. I will see you on another episode of Exit Rich.


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