Disney World

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, both Disney World and Disneyland were forced to close down for several months. The risks that these kinds of places pose- in terms of contagion spread- were just too large to ignore. But finally, both Disney parks are gearing up to begin the process of reopening!

When does Disney World open?

Many Disney fans were delighted to find out that the parks will begin reopening on July 11th for Disney World and July 17th for Disneyland. We do know that the reopening will be phased. Disney World is beginning with only opening 2 of their parks; the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. On July 15th, they intend to open their other parks, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. However, these openings will be restricted and limited.


Even though it has been deemed safe enough by the government, many people are concerned that there are too many variables for Disney Parks to adequately protect their visitors and employees. The theme parks will be difficult to make very safe. They are prone to dense crowds, allow for little space between guests waiting in line, and there are so many surfaces that could be contaminated; how could you possibly keep them all clean?


Despite the risks, Disney is preparing to open its doors in a little more than a month. All Disney Parks will be complying with health and safety regulations and have set rules in place to prevent the spread of the virus. All guests and employees are required to wear masks and will be temperature screened before they are allowed to enter any park. They will also be enforcing social distancing as much as possible. Disney has said they have consulted their own team of medical professionals in order to create new operating procedures that prioritize safety from infection.

What does COVID-19 mean for theme parks as a whole?

As time goes on, more and more theme parks will be able to open their doors again. Disney’s procedures and plans will be a good way to gauge how other theme parks will go about the opening.


Many theme parks will follow Disney’s lead by beginning with phased openings. By reopening only certain parts of the park, it’s easier to control potential health hazards. The stages seem to be sections of the park, then shopping, dining, and hotels. All parks will be thoroughly sanitized and restocked before allowing guests back inside.


Theme parks will be putting health, safety, and sanitization protocols in place. From masks to temperature screenings, parks will be doing their utmost to catch any contamination risks before they can threaten anyone. Along with those, parks will follow health and safety guidelines by enforcing social distancing policies. Virtual ticketing and payment methods will make a strong appearance. In addition to that, virtual waiting in lines will become widespread. Register for an attraction and have your digital presence wait in the queue to avoid grouping. Parks will also not open for full capacity; the fewer guests, the easier to keep them safe and enforce safety rules.


Theme parks will be making every effort to ensure the safety of their guests. There are many challenges they need to overcome, but if everyone is following the procedures in place, it should be more than possible to enjoy that trip to Disney sooner than you think.

Seiler Tucker