Michelle Seiler Tucker

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. Michelle has been featured in INC, Forbes, and USA Magazine, and makes regular radio and TV appearances on Fox Business News and CNBC. She has presented alongside many prominent speakers; Eric Trump, Steve Forbes, Michael Eisner, Kevin Harrington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Welch, Kathy Ireland, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donna Karen, Stedman Graham, Randi Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, and more. Michelle is also the Best-Selling Author of the book “Think & Grow Rich Today”, “Sell Your Business for more than it’s Worth”, and her newest book “Exit Rich

As a 20-year veteran in mergers & acquisitions, Michelle has sold hundreds of businesses and owns and operates several successful companies herself. Recognized as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses, Michelle sees opportunity where many are discouraged or have given up. Her passion is to save businesses that might otherwise close. By identifying and correcting the top mistakes business owners make, Michelle will fine-tune a business into a well-oiled machine. Sometimes investing her own money to help owners build their business, Michelle’s primary objective is to sell for huge profits.

Michelle’s presentations are in perfect timing for today’s business climate. She is one of the most sought after speakers in her field. Michelle owns Seilertuckeracademy.com which has an educational platform called “Build to Sell” which is the Step-by-Step Blueprint on how to Build to Sell your business for the price that you deserve. She also created and teaches a five day M&A training class with partnership opportunities.

Saving Money

There are stories swamping the media about the big box retail stores going out of business; such as JCPenny, SEARS, Toys R Us, Kmart, Charlotte Russe, etc. You don’t often hear about the small businesses that are on every corner in every city and every state in our great nation shutting down. The business landscape used to be that 85-95% of small businesses go out of business within the first 5 years and out of 26 million businesses 70% go out of business after 10 years. Unfortunately, the small businesses that fall into this 70% have to sell for pennies on the dollar, closing their doors or, even worse, filing for bankruptcy. Not only are they losing their business assets but their family assets too. Michelle is very passionate about saving as many businesses owner’s/family assets as she possibly can.

Michelle Seiler Tucker’s remarkable track record proves her dedication to her clients and has solidified her as a formidable force in her industry. She closes nearly 98% of all written offers and, on average, obtains 20-40% above the appraised price for her clients. Through this process, she empowers her clients to afford the lifestyles they have always dreamed of and, most importantly, deserve!

Exit Rich

Seiler Tucker