The 2020 election is set to take place November 3rd and tensions are running high. Sitting and incumbent President Donald Trump is facing off against former Vice President under the Obama Administration, Joe Biden.

            The election is a very polarized topic as the Republican and Democratic parties grow increasingly conservative and liberal, respectively.

            Despite the intense divides between the two groups, a debate still occurred in late September. The debate was filled with personal attacks and countless interruptions, and many feel as though the two candidates were behaving like school children.

            Biden called President Trump a “clown” and after being interrupted by Trump made the aside “will you shut up man.”

            But things got even worse. Donald Trump took a personal jab at Biden and brought up his children, making scathing comments about one’s substance abuse issues.

            It was this kind of behavior which lead one commentator to describe the debate as “a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.”

            Clearly for many viewers, the debate was a difficult one to watch. But here are a few takeaways that are important to note.

            For one, Trump refused to commit to not claiming victory on election night. This should be concerning as the coronavirus has resulted in many individuals needing to vote by mail, thus delaying the results by a few days. Biden took the opposite stance and said he would wait to declare whether he won or loss.

            Next, Trump conceded that humans do in fact play a role in climate change, but only to a certain extent. When Biden was asked about the status of the environment, he made clear that he believes climate change is a substantial issue and asserted that he is committed to reducing emissions and creating more green energy jobs.

            The final question was especially important. When Donald Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy point blank, he refused to do so. Biden on the other hand was happy to announce his staunch opposition towards the groups.

            Clearly there were undeniable differences between the two candidates. Polls predict that Joe Biden is in the lead, both before and after the debate. Though if anything can be learned from the 2016 election it is that polls should not always be trusted.

            The results of the election are likely to be close and moreover contested due to the nature of how most voting will be conducted. Americans will have to trust the process and not be impatient while waiting for the election results.