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Ever wondered where mentors get their incredible wisdom? From other mentors, where else. David Corbin is such a mentor of mentors – and a very good one at that. Among other accolades, he is a two-time Wall St. Journal bestselling author, a rockstar keynote speaker and inventor of the Illuminate philosophy. Sitting down for an amazing interview with Michelle Seiler Tucker, he shares to us his valuable insights on managing expectations, setting goals, seizing opportunities, making assumptions and many more. He also shares what “meditration” means and how you can apply it to your situation. David has been referred to as a Robin Williams with an MBA, so there is a lot of humor to be expected in this conversation, but beyond that humor is a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom that only he can deliver.

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Face, Follow, Fix: Success, Prosperity And The Illuminate Philosophy With David Corbin

We’re excited to have one of my great friends, David M. Corbin, join us. He is a two-time Wall Street Best Selling Author who has been referred to as the Robin Williams with an MBA because he is funny. He’s known as the mentor to mentors and he’s trained, advised, mentored and guided many luminaries in the field of speaking, consulting, entrepreneurship and big business. He’s a former crisis intervention counselor with a background in healthcare. He has served as a management and leadership consultant to businesses and organizations of all sizes. From startup businesses all the way to the Fortune 20 companies like AT&T, Domino’s, American Greeting Cards, as well as Cabinet members.

Additionally, as an entrepreneur and inventor, David was awarded the Innovation of the Year by Bank of America and presented in association with the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Tom Peters, Secretary of State James Baker, Maya Angelou and others. He’s been featured in Forbes Magazine, Inc., NBC, Fox and was the host of the movie, Pass It On. In 2019, he had not one, but two of his books make the Wall Street Journal’s Best Sellers List. David, welcome to the show.

Thank you.

David, you are referred to as Robin Williams. He always keeps us all in stitches. We’ve known each other for very long.

I can’t imagine how many years it was. It seems like a lot longer. I do know this. We met and we had reactions to one another, which is in my case, I didn’t understand you. I saw this attractive shapely woman who is wearing fashion-forward stuff. I went into my own silly prejudice as we do. We’re looking at our internal racism, which we never believe or acknowledge that we have, but at a certain level, when you grow up with many years of that programming, you confront that. I confronted that internally and my initial reaction was one thing.

I then come to meet a consummate professional who is 1 of 12 or 13 in her own field of women in M&A. I was like, “How could I have been wrong?” I always make jokes and I could follow it with a joke, but I’m not going to follow it with a joke because Michelle, you’ve earned my respect as a professional. I’ve seen the results. Anyone who’s sold as many businesses as you have must be doing something right. To be able to win the honors and get the credit and your book, which is filling a void in the market. I’m glad my initial reaction was wrong.

It takes a big man to admit that. I appreciate that. That is a problem with our society is that people judge people too quickly.

There’s no doubt about it. We have mutual friends who have been advised to change their wardrobe in order to be successful. That would have been a form of brand slaughter. They would have been killing their brand to meet the need and expectations of a few people. Isn’t that something? Live and learn. That’s the name of the game.

Maybe they’re the ones who should be changing.

There’s no doubt about it. Calibrate your expectations of others because when you have expectations, it will kick your butt all along the way. There are some people when something doesn’t meet their expectations, they throw a fit. The more famous you are, the more influence you have with others. You’re able to tell people, “Do this. Get that done. This has to be done,” or they personally will want to get it done. When you set an expectation and it’s not achieved, does not tilt, calibrate or register that something is wrong, people get angry.

A former girlfriend a million years ago, it was in the pre-teenage, one of the team captains for Alabama when Coach Bryant was the head of the football department. She was in the room next to his. The doors were open and she heard him screaming. She ran in to see who he’s screaming at. It sounds like he was abusing one of the players. He was screaming, “Get up.” This winning coach who is used to winning, getting everything he wants from the school, from the players was yelling at his jacket, which fell off the chair.

That’s not true.

I am telling you, it’s true. It’s the God’s honest truth. That’s carrying it to a degree, but how many of us have an expectation the way our product should go, the way our employees should be, the way traffic should be, the way our children should be? In that expectation, we’re destroying the vibe, the energy, and certainly, our own personal demeanor. Expectations will kick your butt. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We’re killing the joy and the journey with the expectations.

We’re not allowing for things to happen. I had hosted a movie years ago called Pass It On, where we had congressmen, Evander Holyfield, the president of Southwest Airlines and the chickens. We had a lot of cool people. In that, we had the Founder of Chick-fil-A, S. Truett Cathy. He had said interestingly, “I told my kids not to set expectations and goals for five years because when you do, you miss the opportunity that’s right around you.” If the universe, the God of your understanding, the divine is providing an opportunity and you’re focused on that goal, you will miss it.

That’s quite contrary to what we’ve been taught going through school, as entrepreneurs and as business people, “Have expectations and set goals.” What are your thoughts on that?

I do believe in setting goals. I’m not going to go through the methodology. First off, in order to set a goal intelligently, everybody talks about SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound, but do what my friend Mitch Axelrod says. Mitch Axelrod of TheNEWGame.com talks about the soul, role and goal. Choose your role in life which harmonizes with your soul because if you choose the wrong role, like me going to medical school, I was going to go to medical school in ’77, that would have been the worst role for me ever. I saved more lives by not becoming a doctor.

If I selected that role, which was not in harmony with my soul, I would have had roles and soul frustration if I was dumb enough to set a goal that’s way far afield. When it comes to goal-setting, set a goal, but stay flexible and open. If you set a goal to do X and the universe is giving you something magnificent, you’re like, “Leave me alone, universe. I’m doing this.” When you model to focus on a goal, it’s like laying out in the field looking at two stars. You’re looking at both stars and then you stare at one star and the other one disappears. When you’re staring so much at your goal, all of the peripheral life value and opportunities disappear. In favor of goal setting, yes. However, there’s an asterisk and the fine print is stay open, awake and alert to all opportunities that the divine is putting in your path.

“Set your goals, but stay alert to all opportunities that the divine is putting in your path.”

You have to be flexible. It’s like Exit Rich. It was supposed to publish in April of 2020, then July of 2020 and because of COVID, it diverted us to January of 2021. I did not panic. We went ahead, pivoted, and came up with a new plan and a new funnel where consumers can buy Exit Rich now and get the digital download. When it comes out in January 2021, it will be shipped to their house. For buying early, not only do they get the digital download, but they get the free book membership with all of the bonuses and they get a 30-day trial into Club CEOs. That’s a good example of how we did not panic because our expectations were not met for that launch. We pivoted and now have something better to offer our clients.

There have been many setbacks. I’ve watched them. I’ve watched you. People know that you usually call me godfather. I want to say that throughout this project, you call me the godfather. We worked together and people know that I mentor a lot of amazing gifted people. It’s been my honor to work with you. We worked hard and we played hard. Let me make this point, throughout this book project, before we introduced Sharon to the project, it had missteps. Those missteps would have caused many people to say, “Stop, F-it,” but you F-ed it all right. You did what I teach in Illuminate. You faced, followed and fixed it. You F-ed it up good.

Most people would say F-it and walk away, but you faced it and said, “This is a misstep. I spent money in this direction, which brought me next to nothing.” You followed it and said, “I can get all angry, upset, pissed off and disagreeable,” or I could say, “I know there’s a pony in his pile of poop. What can I do moving forward?” There was a gap between the OSM or the Oh Shit Moment over to, “We’ve got this. Let’s move.” There’s a timeline there. Many people never get from the OSM to the, “Let’s roll.” I love your line, “Let’s rock this,” or something. That’s cute at the end of your emails and stuff. This is an important timeline. I want to make this point because this is powerful. We have never talked about this in the mentoring sessions.

There’s another timeline up there. The doctor will put you on a treadmill and they’re going to measure how long it takes for you to get up to the peak state. They’re then going to measure this timeline, how long it takes you to recover. That’s called the recovery rate. What people don’t talk about is there’s another recovery rate and that’s the emotional recovery rate. It’s how long it takes for you to get from the OSM to the, “Let’s move, we got this.” It didn’t take that long. You went through your stuff. Michelle is a human being. As am I making that prejudicial, silly judgment, we’re always going to be growing, but your thing didn’t take that long. Many people never freaking reach that. They don’t F-up their business, therefore, they F-up their business. They don’t face, follow and fix it.

That’s the emotional recovery rate that I’ve been talking about lately on different TV shows and appearances. An article came out on myself and a few others in Entrepreneur Magazine. Entrepreneur Magazine has a cool ad, “If you go to Entrepreneur Magazine, you will be able to read this article,” except them not selling anything or even giving anything away. That’s my message on the recovery rate. You’re a great example of that. My prayer for you, my sister, my friend, my colleague, my client, is that you compress it. That’s my goal too. When something happens, it might only take five days before you go through to the “Let’s roll.”

Could you imagine if something goes down and you get a truckload of poop pile right on your head? If you were to go, “This stinks, but there must be something here for me. I wonder what it is,” seek and you shall find, and you got it and say, “Let’s roll within a half-hour.” Could you imagine that? That’s what Mr. Elon Musk does. I watched as he was saying, “These windows are bulletproof, go ahead and shoot that bullet,” and it shattered. He laughed like we are. He laughed and said, “Maybe they’re not.” That’s cool.

You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself. Look at Steve Jobs when he would go and demonstrate the new Apple. He said, “This is the best thing ever,” then he couldn’t get it to turn on.

There have been enough things to laugh about in life that you don’t have to have one of these things handy. We did talk about that. Stuff happens and the rhetoric is always, “It is not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.” Not a lot of people say, “Here’s how to do with it. Here’s how to deal with it.” Number one, you face it. Number two, you follow it. What caused that? What brought that into your world? What’s keeping it alive? If you carry it out into the future, what’s going to happen and then get to work on mitigating the power and stuff like that. There’s not a lot of conversation. My career has been I’ve kicked in the face as an entrepreneur. I created these things out of necessity to cope with life. It worked for me and others and then I offer it up to others in my books.

That’s what great entrepreneurs do. They create things out of necessity. You’re going to have more millionaires and billionaires come out of COVID than ever came out of the Great Depression.

I am investing in something now. These people that I know bought this women’s store. They bought it at an auction cheap. Now, they’re killing it. They’re no longer doing brick and mortar. They are doing it online.

Are you talking about Dressbarn?

I think that’s it. The one that closed that I’m getting involved in is a little brand called Pier 1. They bought it and closed on it. I’m investing because fortunes are made in these times, especially when you look at what’s needed. Face, follow and fix it. Innovate on what is needed. Follow it.

I always say pivot. That’s my seventh P because you have to pivot. You have to get creative. If you’re in the restaurant industry, you’re dead. You better start thinking about how you can still create those connections and keep your business alive with your clients. You have to be able to pivot.

The thing is, don’t keep your business alive. Ask yourself, “What’s the opportunity that’s presenting itself to me here so that my business will thrive?” It might be new colors, sounds, sensations, people, or it might have a hole, but there’s an opportunity for me to make this business thrive.

I say survive and then thrive.

You’ve got to survive first. Make sure that you’ve opened up that gate valve to make sure that there’s revenue flowing through. I am a risk-taking entrepreneur who is conservative and risk-averse at the same time. I made sure that I was cash-rich going into what I anticipated being a shit show. Years ago, when I was 45 pounds overweight, I wrote the book, Illuminate, the Great Illuminator had to face, follow and fix obesity. The doctor said, “You’re obese.” I said, “Thank you very much.” The truth is I was clinically obese. I had to do that.

When I saw this COVID come down, my bride and I were skiing in Park City. We saw this come down and I went, “This needs to be illuminated.” We faced, followed and fixed it. We literally made millions of dollars in one month. Immediately, we’ve got a full-on home alarm system anticipating that might be 10 million or 20 million people unemployed. I don’t know about you, but if I needed to take care of my baby, I would do whatever I had to do. I got online to get a gun, the first-ever gun I’ve ever owned. I knew that it made sense for me to do it. I illuminated for that in my business. I pivoted, created, and I had invented something earlier on. Now, it is rocking and rolling because it’s serving the emergency department, doctors, and nurses throughout the country. How does that even happen? That was a gift from the universe. I pivoted by illuminating during this pandemic as we know it.

This is probably the most passionate I’ve seen you in a very long time.

“Face it, follow it, fix it and innovate on what is needed.”

I’m a happy boy. Anne got me a birthday gift where we took the Penthouse Suite at Bellagio overlooking the water fountain and across the street is that Walk of Fame. Frank and Greg have a little star in there. That was lovely. My birthday gift from myself was delivered. I wish it was in the daytime, but as the car was rolling off the car transport thing, even though it was dark, I had my cell phone light on. I got a restored Datsun Fairlady Roadster two-seater. I’m happy with Anne all the time. I’m happy with my toys. I’m happy working with my hands. I’m happy working with clients. I’m happy inventing products and having those products take off. I’m happy getting press. I did two TV shows and I’m in Entrepreneur Magazine.

I’m blessed because every morning for many years, I wake up, I get down on my hands and knees, and I say four things, “Yes, please more. Thank you.” When I say, “Yes,” I’m saying, “Yes, I’m here. I’m ready to tune into whatever radio station of opportunity and love and service you give me, dear God.” When I say, “Please,” I say, “Please, David, accept it. Feel worthy of accepting it. You went your whole life with low self-esteem, feeling you are not worthy of that joy and prosperity.” More, “I want more because the universe wants me to want more.” Everything I asked for, the universe conspires to help me with more of what I think about. I’m grateful for what I’m given and I’m given what I blessed. Thank you, not with gratitude, but with appreciation. Gratitude is, “Thank you. I’m not worthy.” Appreciation is different than gratitude. I say, “I appreciate that, which you’re giving me. I am worthy of it. I accept it.” “David, what do you say?” “Thank you.” “That’s right.” “Okay, Mom. Yes, please more. Thank you.” Thank you for noticing that I’m happy because I’m freaking happy.

David, let’s talk about business owners and entrepreneurs. What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes that business owners and entrepreneurs make?

I’m hoping that everything that we’ve discussed in this conversation is being looked at by business owners some of whom are human beings, where everything we’ve talked about is indeed appropriate. I think the biggest mistake that most businesses make is along this line, “Errant assumptions are the root cause of most business failure, most relationship failure and most health failure.” The assumptions will kick your ass. If you happen to have, as I do, that googly thing with the interweb, you don’t need to make those assumptions. You don’t have to go to YouTube.

My cat has been hacking my computer. Seriously, you met Tazz. He eats a rabbit or a golfer. He leaves the same parts and doesn’t eat them. He must have seen on YouTube which parts to eat and which parts not to eat. I’m putting parental controls on my YouTube. I say that because he didn’t need YouTube. Nor a beautiful orange tree, need YouTube to be able to produce orange. It’s intrinsic, “Kill the word tube and go deep into you.” You don’t even have to go to the guru. Just know how guru is spelled. Kill the tube and know intrinsically.

To answer your question, assumptions are the biggest. I don’t like to say, assumptions are going to kick your ass. I want to give you a solution. We’ve all heard of meditation. Meditation is where you sit and breathe. If a thought comes, let it float away like a cloud in the sky. I’m saying that’s a beautiful thing and I do it, practice it, and suggest it, however, I’m going to talk about something else. It’s something I’ve developed called meditration. It’s meditation and concentration. Here’s what you do. You take a pad and a pen and you find a special seat in your house. That is your meditration seat. You know whenever you sit there, it’s time for meditration.

What is it? You have a pen, paper, and on the top of the paper you write down whatever challenges, “How can I bless and serve more people by propagating my book?” You put that on top. With your hand on your pen and your hand on the paper, you go into a meditative state. When a thought comes to you, don’t let it go away like a cloud. You capture it on the paper. It’s even best when you keep your eyes closed and you let the, you, and the collective, we, the Jungian collective unconscious, cosmos, the universe work through this pen, work for you and write it down. That’s meditration.

When you stop making assumptions, when you go deep by identifying your questions and meditrating, only use that chair when you’re meditrating. You have to have a special chair. Make sure that when you sit down, that chair tells your butt and your butt tells that chair, “We’re here to meditate and nothing else.” Clear the decks. It’s amazing. My two books came from meditration and I’m writing them both. They’re both had hit the Wall Street Journal in 2019. I believe that one of these books is going to hit the New York Times organically.

That’s transformational versus transactional. How often do you meditrate, David?

I do it once or twice a week.

For how long?

I set the alarm for 22 minutes.

Is it always one problem or one challenge that you’re trying to solve?

Yes, but I’m going to focus on that one star while the other stars disappear. If the universe wants me to pivot over to the other area, I’m going to write it down. Ideas are slippery like a fish. You need to get them with a pen so you write it down.

What are the names of the next two books coming out? Can you share it?

As you know, the Wall Street Journal has Preventing BrandSlaughter. This new book is called Involuntary BrandSlaughter. What’s happening now is business brands are getting killed and it’s involuntary. This brand slaughter is happening upon us. As we know, many businesses, if not most, are committing brand slaughter in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree. You’re either building your brand or you’re killing it by not teaching their people how the brand intersects with a prospect or a client or a vendor, they’re committing brands. This book is about that and it’s a continuation. As you recall, Preventing BrandSlaughter is about a hospital. This story picks up where they’re already doing the audit of brand integrity.

They’re hit with a pandemic. They’re hit with their emergency department, which is happening in reality. That’s Involuntary BrandSlaughter. The next one is WW. I was at that little party called Woodstock when I was seventeen years old. This book is called Woodstock Wisdom: Psychedelic Success Strategies. Things that I’ve learned at Woodstock about love, peace, planning and caring for one another. All those things about green and growing or ripe and rotting. I didn’t know all of those things I learned at Woodstock, just like I didn’t know I was carrying prejudice. I didn’t know I was carrying a semblance of racism. I didn’t know until it came through.

What do you do when prejudice starts to slip back in again as it did before? Do you recognize it?

“Wrong assumptions are the root cause of most business failure.”

The whole idea is to stay away. In the Illuminate Model, I teach and I believe you should set the alarm for once a week, once a day to ask yourself, “What am I missing here?” Test your assumptions. I’m doing a podcast with some friends, with Steve Farber and two other wonderful people on, how race is going to be impacting the workplace when people start getting back to the workplace? What conversation is going to happen around the water cooler? Some people are going to be hyper-afraid to say anything.

Others are going to be hyper-afraid that something is going to be said. We need to talk about this because human resource departments are going to be inundated like emergency departments are. If you think forward, you can then prepare for that and have meetings and say, “Some of us are going to be welcomed back. Some of us are going to be hypersensitive that we’re going to say something wrong.” My whole life, growing up as a young Jewish boy, I am always sensitive that when they were talking about getting a discount or bargaining, somebody was going to say, “And he Jew them down.” I was nervous of that.

What were you like as a little boy?

I was low self-esteem. I lived in a lot of fear and I thought I was worthless. When I forgot I wasn’t worthless, my father was right there to remind me how worthless I was. I became entrepreneurial. I want to say, when it comes to that statement, “Jew you down,” the people who have said that were not antisemitic. I know these people, but they heard it perhaps from their parents or their grandparents who may have been antisemitic or may not and it perpetuates. My father used to say, “David, clean up the room. The girls are coming.” Sometimes he would refer to her as shvarts, which is Yiddish for the word black.

My father was very close to Reverend King’s people during March. He was close with a guy named Bayard Rustin. My father was not racially prejudiced, but he used those words. You asked, “How do you catch yourself?” You catch yourself by catching yourself. You go back to your family, to those who’ve influenced you and play the tape back for any racial, misogynistic, or other things that may have been in the family, in the movies, in the television, at family functions and play that back and ask yourself, “Is that something I may have done or thought?” It is a groovy thing.

I love all of this. I bet our readers are loving it too. David, let’s talk a little bit about Exit Rich, the book that you helped Sharon and I put together.

What an exciting thing. You had already written Sell Your Business For More Than It’s Worth. It was a good book. I asked you who the ghostwriter was because it’s well-written and you told me you wrote it. It blew my mind.

I typed every word in it.

It is written well, which doesn’t mean much but it’s compelling. It’s clear, it flows and holds your attention. Perhaps most importantly, it’s high content-rich. It’s got solid, usable tactics and strategies. We know that they’re solid and usable because they’re coming from years of your observing, teaching, following, folding, and working with companies who want to sell it. You’re saying, “No, if you do this, you’ll make the company even more valuable.” You do this and they do this. You sell it for more and it sells faster. It’s like the Farmer’s commercial, “We know a lot of things because we’ve seen a lot of things.” You’re like that Farmer’s thing. We put a lot of stuff in there because we’ve seen, studied and done it all.”

It was a good book. In order to add octane to the book, you could do many things, but when you bring in another luminary and in this case, Sharon Lechter who I have the utmost respect and love for. Not only her cache because she’s gotten eighteen gazillion book copies out there and then New York Times and accolades. She’s also an excellent writer and a remarkable mentor. With her, looking at the book and adding commentary on it, if we could pull this off, if Sharon agrees to this, this book not only has legs, but it’s going to be epic. It could be The E-Myth, Think and Grow Rich, Illuminate which are staples.

The deal came in there. Sharon did her thing. She had some cool ideas, plussing some of your ideas and then you went, “How about this?” All I could say is if it sounds like I’m endorsing the book, I’m not. I am saying, “Shut up and get it.” “How about this? Does it cover this? Just get it.” The next step is to skim it. Don’t read it. Get a sense of what’s in there. Look in the back, look through it, and see what’s in there. Let your unconscious mind see the overall of what’s in there, then read it from the beginning to the end.

Before you read the book, this is what I would suggest. I’m not arguing for this. I’m saying you might want to do this. Ask yourself, “What is it that I need and my business needs for me to build it in such a way that I could sell it and take my business and modify it?” The systems are in place, utilizing what Michelle calls The 6 Ps, which everyone will know soon. Unconsciously, as you’re reading, you will be picking up that, which you need. Get to know all the ideas, don’t get me wrong, but search for what you need. Get to know these things for when the time is right.

Project into the book and into your experience what it is you need and it will jump out like brown shoes on a black tuxedo and you’ll be taking your notes in the book, as I’ve done. I did it in the old book, so do that. Don’t just get the book, work the book. There’s a lot of shelf development out there. Self-development books that sit on the shelf. Don’t do this with this book. Use this book. It is not just a book. It’s a training manual. It’s a strategic planning outline. It is a solution to that, which you’ve identified as your challenge, as you’re meditrating and as you’re shopping for ideas to close those gaps.

Thank you, David Corbin. Thank you, godfather. You know why I call him the godfather. Do you have any last words of wisdom you would love to leave?

An example of Illuminate, face it, follow it and fix it. We look years ago at emergency departments that were facing a $4.38 billion problem, which was burnout from stress and turnover, let alone making mistakes. We invented something, we faced it, followed it, and fixed it. Our fix was a privacy pod where a doctor or a nurse can go in for 3 to 5 minutes and there will be a beautiful video scored with music, both Emmy award-winning people. In 3 to 5 minutes, they go in there with their crazy roles and goals emerge in touch with their souls, more present with themselves and others. We did science and research. After four months of scientific study in a hospital in Houston Methodist Hospital, I invite people to go to RejuvenationStations.com.

You’ll see two TV segments that were done three weeks before COVID hit before emergency departments had even more stress and more problems. I believe the Rejuvenation Stations and now we have a portable model called the RS Go! I’m not that smart when I met my now partner, Gary Malkin. It came through us at a time before COVID hit. We’ve got these units being shipped to New York City, being purchased by the Tisch Foundation. It is called the Illumination Foundation. My tip is to be still and know who you are, that I am. Soham, as they say in ancient Sanskrit. I am that and I have. Go deep, use the meditration model, tap into your wisdom for the universe has a big checkbook. When you put yourself in the vibration of prosperity yourself, “I attract money easily and effortlessly. I receive money constantly from expected and unexpected sources.” When you say anything you could vividly imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon must, when you learn this shit and do this shit, everything you want will materialize.

Godfather, tell us how they can find and reach you.

They can find me at DavidCorbin.com. Michelle, I love you. We are going to take this country back. I always did. I said it before COVID. I’ll say it during and I’ll say it after. We need you. You need you. Your family needs you. Eat well and healthy. Michelle will tell you, I am not with her as a consultant. She is doing magnificently by not taking those cancer-causing packages of sweeteners. Went up well, eat well, sleep well, think well, be well, do well. The entrepreneur will take this country back.

“When you put yourself in the vibration of prosperity, everything you want will materialize.”

Thank you, David, for all of your words of wisdom. You dropped many golden nuggets. This has been amazing. It is probably our best interview on the show ever.

Of all the audiences I’ve spoken with, you are certainly one of them. We have shared the platform many times. We know one another. You’re the only person in whose car I sat in a baby seat. It’s going to flow.

You sat there, not in a baby seat, but right next to me, when I was trying to save a deal. Do you remember me recalling all the numbers?

There are many things that I could have said about you in what you do and how you do it. That would have blown people’s minds. Your encyclopedic memory, almost like Rain Man. Your ability to take all of these different things within the business and your integrative complexity that brings it down into a simple, “Mr. Business seller, here are some of the things that if you do, then you’ll be able to get even greater results and sell your business for a lot more. I could sell your business for X and that would be great, but I’m not. I’m going to suggest you do this. Let’s sell it for 3X or 2X or 1.5X.” Instead of you jumping on the deal or the commission, you team with them and you take their mission and your mission and commissioned. There are many things I could have talked about, but the bottom line is, people will read the book and they’ll get that.

Thanks to all the readers for joining us.

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