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How do you get more sales? It’s not that complicated. You just need to get out there and talk to more people! You have to get people at hello. Tell people your name. Your name is your brand. You are a brand called YOU. That’s where it starts. Speaker, author, consultant, revenue builder, and customer acquisition specialist Charlie Cina drums this message and a lot more golden nuggets in this insightful conversation with Michelle Seiler Tucker. Join in as they discuss the essential things that salespeople and business owners need to level up their customer acquisition game. Join in and learn what it takes to be among the top sales professionals in your field and sell your product or service with ease!

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Talk Your Way To Sales Success: Charlie Cina Reveals Golden Nuggets

I’m very excited to introduce another fabulous and wonderful guest, Charlie Cina. He’s a speaker, author, consultant, revenue builder and customer acquisition specialist. He wrote the book Expose and Close. He teaches his clients how to master the right mindset, missions and moves to reach their potential to drive massive results. He fully believes that the ability to present and persuade are necessary life skills that everyone needs to succeed. He will teach us all that business’s primary responsibility is to expose your brand, products, service and solutions to build long revenue lasting relationships.

Charlie has leveraged his expertise and relationships in sales and marketing to work and collaborate with $1 billion brands. He has acquired clients that many of you have heard of and even participated in some of their masterminds such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown who was on our show not too long ago and Eric Thomas. His many years of boots on the ground and under-fire sales experience have led him to create proven techniques and strategies to activate, acquire and achieve massive success. I hope you are all fired up. If you’re not fired up, your matches are all wet as all used to say. Let’s get fired up and have some fun. Charlie, welcome to the show.

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Expose and Close: Simple How to Marketing Methods and Techniques to Activate, Acquire, and Achieve Massive Success

Thanks for having me, Michelle.

Let’s get started. Tell our readers a little bit about your background. How did you get started in this? How did you become so successful? How did you get to meet and work with Tony Robbins and Les Brown?

I started as a youngster knocking on doors and selling papers. I’ve been a doorknocker since I was young. I didn’t realize it at the time but knocking on doors and selling newspapers taught me a lot about tenacity, persistence, how to handle rejection and some very basic things that I didn’t realize until later in life. One of which quite simply is the more you introduce, the more you produce. As a paper boy, the more doors I knocked on, the more people said, “Yes, I want the newspaper.” The more my distribution would increase, the more money I’d make.

I love that, “The more you introduce, the more you produce.” Many people are like, “How do I get more sales?” You just talk to more people. It’s not that complicated.

It’s not that complicated but selling newspapers back in the late 1970s when that was an actual service in the paper place. You’d have to deliver the paper, drop the paper off at somebody’s door or put it in between their screen door and their door and you’d go back and collect the money. When I go and collect the money, the more distribution, the more money and then I’d also make more tips.

It’s a simple concept but I was a businessman. I was a business person learning the art of sales and presenting. Somebody would tell me, “I want the Sunday paper.” I learned how to say, “Michelle, Sunday paper’s going to cost you $0.50 but for another $0.50, I could bring it for the whole week. Why don’t you let bring it for the whole week? If you don’t like it, you can cancel it.” They then buy it for the whole week. Distribution would go up and I’d make more money and get a bigger tip because I was delivering there seven days a week instead of once a week. That’s where a lot of business people, sales professionals and entrepreneurs or want to be entrepreneurs miss it. What is it?

You’re in the distribution business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling water, pens, coffee or phones. You need to introduce your products and services. Shout from the rooftops about who you are, what you do and how you can help people. You need to understand that a certain percentage of the world is looking for your product and service. Even if you’re the worst salesperson on the planet and you’re selling pens, if you knock on enough doors, 3% of the world is going to need a pen or need to buy pens. You’re in the right place and right time. Your tenacity and persistence in knocking on those doors are going to result in a sale.

You’re doing that through the repetition of knocking on doors and mastering what I call the art of presentation. It’s not about selling. It’s about presenting. It’s not about selling. It’s about persuading someone to understand why your pen is the best pen on the planet and why it could help solve a problem. When you can do that, you’ll sell more pens and close at a higher level. Instead of knocking on 100 doors to sell 3 people, maybe you knock on 50 doors and sell the same 3 people. You then knock on 40 doors to sell the same 3 people.

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Exit Rich: It’s not about selling, it’s about presenting. It’s not about selling, it’s about persuading someone to understand why your pen, for example, is the best pen on the planet and why it can help solve the problem.


Also, your sales skills can increase and you can learn how to get referrals. You’ll learn how to truly build a relationship and a network. Those 50 people that you’re talking to are not going to result in 3 sales but 30 sales. Now, you’re a sales professional. You have a real business, get repeat referral business and have a foundation in the ground to stand on.

As I always say, “It’s not about what you know. It’s about whom you know.” You got to knock on those doors and stay persistent. You leverage your relationships with some of these huge brands. You told me that you worked with Tony Robbins and Les Brown. A lot of people go to all these different networking events. How have you been able to leverage your relationships to have profound long-term profitable relationships?

First of all, it’s important to understand that a relationship starts with the word, “Hello.” A lot of people don’t know how to say hello. It’s easier to say goodbye to somebody than it is to say hello to somebody.

Why is that? That’s so strange. It reminds me of the movie, Jerry Maguire. “You Had Me At Hello.” Why is it so difficult to say hello? I get in an elevator with people all the time. Everybody’s looking at the phone, looking down and looking up. Nobody says hello but I do.

I love elevators. I get 30, 60 or 90 seconds depending on how tall that building is and what floor I’m on. I’ve done more business in elevators than most people have done normally in a normal business environment. I always say that everything starts with hello. “Hi, my name is Charlie. What’s your name now?” Full transparency, I don’t know how I got on your show. I have no idea who connected us. All I know is your assistant reached out and said, “Michelle heard about you and knows you. Would you like to be on the show?”

I researched who you were and I’m like, “Why wouldn’t I?” It’s great exposure and you’re a great lady. You’ve had some big guests on your show but somewhere, I got on your show because I said hello to somebody and connected with them at a high level. I conveyed to them who I am and what I do and how I can serve them. We started a conversation that converted. It all starts with, “Hello. My name is Charlie. What’s your name?” “Michelle.” “Michelle, nice to meet you. What do you do?” When people tell you what they do, you need to be in a position as a business owner and sales professional to present in ten seconds or less who you are and what you do.

Some call it the elevator pitch. I call it being able to present your micro presentation with clarity. Everybody has attention deficit disorder. You watch a video on YouTube. I don’t even know what the criteria are as far as how many seconds. First, I heard it was 10 seconds and then I heard it was 8. They then said, “A goldfish has an eight-second attention span.” Now, it might even be less.

The point is you have to get people at hello and tell people your name. Your name is your brand. You are a brand called you. That’s where it starts. It starts with hello or the art of the introduction. From that, everyone needs to learn how to immediately build rapport and gain credibility because that’s where friendships or business relationships are formed.

You have to get people at hello. Tell people your name. Your name is your brand. You are a brand called you. That's where it starts. Click To Tweet

I saw a lot of business people listening or saying, “I’ve been in business a long time. I do networking. I go to different events. I do this and that. I know how to say hello. I have my elevator pitch or whatever you call it. Why should I be reading this now?”

It’s because I can tell you from experience. I’m coming from a very large real estate show and meeting all these high-level players. Understand that I’m meeting some $1 million producers so I’m not suggesting that people don’t know how to say hello or how they have said hello has hindered them from not being successful. What I’m suggesting is that when you fine-tune your approach to properly present and position yourself with clarity, you’re going to increase your closing ratio or potentially get a higher level of client or prospect because you came from a position of certainty, confidence and clarity. I’m at this high-end show for realtors.

I think I know which one you’re talking about.

I don’t want to mention the name of the conference with high-level players. I’d stick out my hand and say, “Hi. My name is Charlie. What’s your name? What do you do?” They would say, “I’m a realtor.” We’re at a real estate conference but my point is I meet people in the coffee shop and escalator. I know why they’re there but they’re outside of the conference and they say, “I’m a realtor.”

No, you’re not. Give me something to get my attention because I already have a realtor. I’ve got six friends that are realtors that are all jockeying for my business. I came back from a roofing show and the storm chasers that go into Florida and New Orleans. They do the roofs when they’re damaged. “What do you do?” “I’m a roofer.”

If I met you in New Orleans, “What do you do?” “I empower people like you, Michelle, to get your lives back after you’ve been devastated by a storm disaster guaranteed through my three-step process.” “What do you mean? How do you do that?” “I own XYZ Roofing. We go in and work with your insurance companies to make sure that we maximize your claim and get your home in better condition than before it was damaged by the roof. We make it seamless and stress-free. We make sure all the paperwork is done so you don’t have to, Michelle.” If you need a roof and you’re a prospect for a roof, are you going to want to do business with me?

The guy that handed you a business said, “I’m a roofer. I’m a real estate agent. I do real estate.” No, you don’t. If I was a real estate agent and I met you at Starbucks or wherever, I’ll be like, “What do you do?” “I empower people, Michelle, to buy the house of their dreams at a price that they didn’t think they could afford guaranteed through my three-step process.” “What’s your three-step process?” “Michelle, I help you do X, Y and Z. Why don’t we schedule a quick call? Are you looking to list your home? Are you looking to buy your home? If you list your home with me, I have a process where I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll get you 10% over a list price or 10% over appraisal.” When people are asked, “What do you do,” they tell you the title that’s on their business card.

I agree with you 1,000%. We go to the same conferences and speak at the same stages. I’ve been saying for years, “Why do owners do that?” Even when they get this knowledge and go through your courses or someone else’s, they still say, “I’m a real estate agent. I’m an M&A advisor.” Why is that, though?

I’m probably going to upset some of your readers.

That’s okay. Go ahead. They can handle it.

I’m talking about everybody, including myself. By nature, we’re lazy. We as human beings get to decide what we want to do and when we want to do it. We’re animals and we’re out there. Our brains are set a certain way and they know how to survive, what to do and when to do it. There’s no choice. We have more choices as human beings than most things on the earth or more than anything on the earth.

We get to decide and by nature, we take the path of least resistance. We don’t like discomfort. What will get us to the end game? People mistake, “Here’s my card,” as making an impression. That’s not an impression. You transferred information. That’s all you did. When you hand somebody a card, if you don’t get to have a 60 or 90-second micro presentation on who you are and what you do where you can pique that person’s interest, they will never want what you have.

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Exit Rich: People mistake “here’s my card” as making an impression. That’s not an impression. You transferred information. That’s all you did.


You’ll always be in the convincing business. When I’m out there prospecting people, I hit them with my micro presentation of who I am, what I do and how I can serve them. When I get done, my objective is I was so clear on who I am and what I do that they’ve connected the dots. If they’re a prospect for my product or service, they will want what I have and I won’t have to convince them that I have what they need.

I got back from a show in Fort Lauderdale. It’s a roofing conference and we exhibited there. I have a product called OneTapConnect that’s a prospecting tool. I was there exhibiting OneTapConnect. Most vendors will wait for people to come by the booth and introduce themselves to the vendor more than most. That’s insane to me.

Not me. I used to work at trade shows all the time. I never stayed in the booth.

At the end of the day, as soon as your heels hit the pavement at 8:00, 9:00 or whenever you start your day, you’re on the trade show floor as far as I’m concerned. Things got a little bit slow. I had a team of six people. I looked at my team and said, “I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back.” I’m walking through the trade show. Whom am I looking for? I’m looking for roofing companies that are branded up, hats or shirts with their brand name on them. Why? It’s because those people are conscious of their brand and they’re my ideal clients. It’s not rocket science. If people are branded up or are spending money on their brand, they would be ideal clients or prospects for me.

I see two gentlemen and a woman with a shirt called Westoration. They go in and help with mold removal, flood, fire and people that have been devastated by a hurricane. They go in and dry the houses out and remove the water. I went up to them. I said, “How are you doing? My name is Charlie. What’s your name?” They introduced themselves. I immediately told them who I am and what I do. They go, “This looks interesting.” I said, “Follow me. They came to my booth. I demoed my product.” The gentleman bought it.

As we’re talking, this gentleman says, “I used to be in the limo business in Southern California.” I said, “One of my best friends who passed away was also in that business. He started the whole stretch limousine business. His name was Big Vini. Big Vini is in the introduction of my book.” I take out my book and showed the guy. I tear up and he tiers up. He already bought my product.

He calls his partner over. His partner also buys a package of OneTapConnect sites from me. We start talking. He’s from New Orleans. I have a cousin in New Orleans that’s in the real estate business. “What’s his name?” I said, “Edgar Faber.” He goes, “I don’t know him but I’m looking at the spelling of your last name. Is that pronounced Chena?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Do you know Nick Chena in New Orleans?” I said, “No, but there’s not many Cinas. He could be a distant cousin.” He gets the guy on the phone and the guy is my cousin. I connected with a cousin in New Orleans that I’m going to come and see in June 2023 because we’re coming down there for a show.

Why am I telling your audience that? It’s because I GOYA, I Got Off My A**. I walked away from my booth. There was no traffic at my booth. It’s not difficult. I went out, shook a hand and said, “Hello.” I looked decent. I had my micro presentation down with clarity. “What do you do?” I empower roofing companies and restoration contractors like you to shorten your sales cycle by utilizing a prospecting tool that will help your brand position and differentiate yourself at the first point of contact.” He said, “How do you do that?” I said, “Can I show you?”

I took out my OneTapConnect card and tapped his phone. It popped up on his screen and allowed me to make my micro presentation. He looked at his other partner and said, “Could you imagine when we go knock on doors and go into a storm? These people are devastated. They can’t concentrate. All we do is hand them a paper card. They throw it away or leave it on their counter and forget about us. We can put training videos on this OneTapConnect microsite where we can teach our people when they’ve been devastated by a storm disaster how to do X, Y and Z. We could be the company that helps them.” They were selling themselves.

That’s what you want them to do. That’s what I get so passionate about. I can tell you stories, whether it’s on elevators, planes or trains. People don’t understand your prospects or organic opportunities, as I like to call them, are right in front of you. All you have to do is stick out a hand, say hello, get your micro presentation down and learn how to connect it at a high level. Convey your marketing message and then you’re going to start those conversations that convert.

Your prospects, your organic opportunities, are right in front of you. All you have to do is stick out a hand, say hello, get your micro presentation down and learn how to connect it at a high level. Click To Tweet

Also, go follow up.

For example, the show is closed. Everybody’s closing their booth. It ends at 3:00. I don’t close my booth at 3:00. My people know we are the first ones there if possible and we are the last ones to leave. It’s because anybody walking around that show at the end is still there looking to do business. We don’t shut down. A guy is leaving who was an exhibitor, a sharp guy, his name was Edgar who wears a custom suit. He walks by and goes, “I’ve been hearing everything about you. I don’t have time. Can we exchange information?” I tapped his phone and my microsite popped up. He hit the book me button and booked an appointment with me. I came into the office at 7:30, got on a Zoom with him and he bought my product.

Why am I telling you this? I practiced what I preach and it’s not rocket science. The guy was getting ready to leave. He was catching a plane. He was in a rush. We didn’t shut down our booth. He could see my message on my backdrop, got clarity on who we are and what we do, booked an appointment with me, did a Zoom meeting and bought. I got a new client. I don’t care what business you’re in. I don’t care if it’s roofing or if you’re a doctor, dentist, lawyer, chiropractor, mortgage broker, baker or candlestick maker. You’re in the distribution business and acquisition business. If you learn how to do very simple things seamlessly and effortlessly, you will convert at a higher level.

Opportunities are in front of our faces every day that we don’t act upon and connect with.

Everyone wants to learn how to close. If you know how to open, you don’t have to learn how to close or at least not learn how to close at that level. Everyone says, “Do you know how to hard close?” Do you like to be hard-closed?

No, I don’t think anybody likes to be hard-closed. I specialize in selling companies. It’s an educational sell. When you’re buying a business or selling a company as an educational sale, I don’t think anyone wants to be hard-closed.

When you know how to present and help people connect the dots and to your point, educate and elevate them so they have clarity and understanding on how your tool, service or product will make a difference, they’ll want what you have. When they say goodbye to you, they’ll shake your hand and thank you for allowing them to purchase your product.

First, the more you introduce, the more you produce. What’s the second?

Second, we’ve covered it a little bit. It’s building rapport, gaining credibility and following up. You have to build rapport and gain credibility because talk is cheap. There’s only one reason why you put me on your show. When your team did the diligence on me, what I said was true. I had the truth, authenticity and proof that I have done business with Les Brown.

When I met Les, Les was speaking at a trade show in 2017 and this lady said, “Can you help Mr. Brown?” I didn’t know he was speaking so I didn’t know it was Les. I opened the back door to let him in and he goes, “How are you doing? What’s going on?” I said, “Hey, Les.” He goes, “How’s the bulldog doing?” I said, “Bulldog?” He goes, “Yes. It’s your tenacity, persistence and follow-up. I call you the bulldog and I mean that with the utmost respect. If everyone followed up like you, they’d have a much better business and have more sales.”

Long story short, he was referring to that because I was trying to acquire him as my client to get him to do his online training platform with my company. Ultimately, we did just that. I got him on the LightSpeed platform and launched his Les Brown University. We built a much closer relationship since then but I love Les. He’s a great mentor and has helped millions of people at this point around the world.

He’s very down to earth, isn’t he?

He is very much so. I know his whole family. He’s a solid gentleman.

It’s truly interesting to hear about his background and how he was labeled. He was labeled retarded. That’s a good transition into powerful words and mindsets. Les Brown has a twin, right?


His brother was extremely intelligent and Les struggled. One teacher came up and said, “You got this. You can do this. Take your time. You’re smart.” That’s a good way to transition into powerful words and self-talk. It’s our choice if we want to be successful or not, regardless of our background and anything that’s ever happened to us.

Negative self-talk, without question, is still something I work on every day. I happen to be better at it than I was a couple of years ago. It hinders people. I don’t think as individuals, we can even measure how much it hinders us. I came back from the gym. I’m thinking about my entire day, all the pros and cons and what I have to do in building my business. It started to creep in and I had some nasty words for it. I immediately gave it a right hook, got in the shower, came to the office and move forward. It happens to everybody.

Anyone that says it doesn’t happen to them, I would venture to say they’re probably not telling the truth. We get better at pushing it out and not allowing it in at all. The real key to overcoming that above and beyond your education level or what you’ve been up against is implementation. Nike’s slogan is, “Just do it.” The older I get, the more I understand the slogan.

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Exit Rich: The real key to overcoming what you’re up against is implementation. Just do it!


I’m sitting in a brand-new office that I never anticipated. I don’t even know how I got here quite frankly. I’ve got new employees that I’ve onboarded for this new venture. How did I get here? How did I get on this show? I don’t know if it was Les or not. If it was Les, thank you so much for the introduction but that’s my point. When you keep moving in a positive direction, let everyone know this word, which everyone does know I’m emphasizing it. It’s intention. If you come from a place of good intentions, good things happen to you. The obstacles that come in front of you become easier for you to overcome. That’s my motto.

I try to impress upon my kids the same thing. “You had a bad day? Great, just keep moving.” “I had an argument with that person.” “Great, just keep moving.” “Are you a good person? Are you doing not the best you can but all you can?” There’s a big difference in that too. I love when people say, “I did the best I could.” “Okay, but did you do all you could?” Sometimes I don’t do all I could and I have to be honest with myself but that’s key to being around a lot of high-level people and knowing their stories. We’re all people.

I always say, “Your network equals your net worth.”

No question about it but at the end of the day, we’re all people. The difference is some of the people made a decision. Some of the people made a commitment to themselves first and foremost. As Les says, if you land on your back, you’re looking up so get up and then the sky becomes the limit once again.

Keep moving. Keep going. Always show up. Click To Tweet

You got to keep moving. Always show up. What other words of wisdom do you have for the readers?

You said something that nail on the head. The power is in the show-up. There are a lot of instances where I’ll say to myself, “Should I go to that show? Should I go to another speaking event? Should I go to that dinner?” The self-talk is saying, “I don’t want to go to that dinner. I don’t want to have more conversations,” but there are two things in life that we need. There are money and contacts.

The contacts are either going to have your money or put you into a position or a relationship if they believe in you to introduce you to somebody that you can do business with that will result in money. I’m not suggesting that it’s all about money but my point is, if you’re in business, that’s the end game. You’re getting into business and making a profit until you’ll exit rich. That’s what’s necessary. The power is in the show-up and doing the things that you don’t want to do.

I always tell my clients, “You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You got to step up, take action and have a much higher level of standard. It shocks me how many business owners and employees have such low-quality standards that they set for themselves.

That’s the key. You could have goals but if your standards are low, you’re never going to hit the goal. Dull transparency, I didn’t want to open up another office and hire more people but once you start doing it, you’re like, “This is so cool.” You see the progression. When your clients are coming back to you and they’re buying your product, thanking you and sending you testimonials, that’s more value than the actual money.

I don’t say that to be corny or melancholy but it’s true. Your product or service is making a difference in someone’s life or the marketplace. You’re getting thank-you notes. People are sending me cakes and when people come to town, they say, “Can I take you to dinner?” That’s when you know that you’re doing something right.

I have two kids. It’s no different than when somebody compliments me on how my children conduct themselves. There’s no bigger compliment in the world. Money can’t give you that same sense of satisfaction. That is a different satisfaction. Where does it all stem from? You come from a place of good intentions, reaching out your hand, saying hello, starting and building that relationship and knowing what next steps to take.

A lot of my mentors have always taught me, “You got to have the mindset and the mission.” What’s your goal? Why are you waking up in the morning? You then need to learn the moves that will help you get from point A to point Z more efficiently, effectively and faster every day. I call them youngsters and they’re in their twenties.

As far as technology, I go to these young people that work with me in my business and they teach me stuff every single day. If you’re going to get on the court or the game, you need to use every road, tool, relationship and piece of technology to educate and leverage yourself to ultimately get to the bank and in your case, exit rich.

What other golden nuggets do you have for our readers? There are lots of jewels in that brain of yours.

The real key is words. Words trigger pictures, which trigger emotions, which lead to action steps.

Words trigger pictures, which trigger emotions, which lead to action steps. It all starts with the words. Click To Tweet

It all starts with words, the words we tell ourselves and others.

You say hello, have your micro pitch down, engage people in a conversation so you’ve got them engaged either in your sales process for your product or service or it might be a true friendship or collaboration. We’re not exchanging dollars here but we’re collaborating on a show. You’re exposing me to your readers and who knows where this relationship is going to go or what it’s going to lead to.

Words are things. Words have meaning. I would encourage people, especially if they are in sales or marketing to script out what they want to present to their audience. Who’s your audience? Whether it’s one-on-one, knocking on a door to sell a solar system for their home or a pool, that’s your audience. When you can script out your presentation and have it done with meaning and come from a place of confidence and certainty, not only are you doing yourself a huge service and converting a client at a higher level but you’re doing your client a big service because they’re giving you their time.

A lot of salespeople don’t respect that. They’re like, “I need an appointment.” “Great. You got the appointment.” What did you do? You have that person’s time. Who is that person? It doesn’t matter if that person’s a school teacher, multi-billionaire, janitor or racecar driver. You get 30 to 60 minutes to go into their home, office or whatever the case is and present who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

If you have that scripted out where you’re going to help them connect the dots, that will help you convert at a higher level. Why do I know that works? Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have one thing in common. They’ve all won Golden Globes or Academy Awards. They’ve got to the top of their game in acting careers. How did they do that? What do they read? They read their scripts.

They have the ability to take those words that are on that script and put emotion, timing and flow into it. Maybe they put some assets or stick mechanisms right into the script to help people connect the dots so when you get done, they’re like, “I want to work with that person. They’re my choice. I don’t even need to talk to anybody else.”

It’s shocking to me that Tom Cruise never got an Oscar.

I don’t know if he got an Oscar or not but he is making millions of dollars and is at the top of his craft. That’s what he did with the last movie, Top Gun. That’s my point. It’s all done through scripts and then you need to know how to put emotion into it. Words trigger pictures which trigger emotions. When you know how to present those words and get your timing and flow down, it’s a game-changer.

Overall, it’s a lost art, especially for the younger generation because everything is done on a keyboard. It’s one thing to be a keyboard warrior and text out all types of different messaging and statements. It’s a different component when you’re in person and have to go one-on-one. When you can be high-tech and high-touch, that is when you are in a position where you’re differentiated. You’re dotting the I’s and crossing the Ts, for lack of a term, with that individual. You’re coming from a place of the right intention and converting it at a higher level.

It’s very important to know what the customer needs. A lot of times, salespeople and business owners try to shove products down our throats. They don’t go through the needs assessment or analysis of what we need and want. I’ve been talking about this for years. It’s my entire life. Do people buy what they need or do people buy what they want?

FYE | Exit Rich

Exit Rich: It’s very important to know what the customer needs. A lot of times salespeople and business owners try to shove things down our throat.


Usually, they buy what they want.

When you’re selling, you got to get down to the emotions of that person to see how your products or services will solve their pain problem, which will help them get what they’re wanting in their life.

No question. The other caveat to that is people buy when they’re ready, want it or need it. When do they want it? We’re in the Amazon era. They want it now. They want to click and buy. Why am I sharing that with you? To your point, people buy what they want, not necessarily what they need. If you’re in the sales game or a business owner who’s looking for client acquisition, not only do you need to sell them what they want but you also need to sell them what they need.

If you’re going to come from a consultant approach, you need to make sure you’re educating them. When they buy their product, all bases are covered. They’re truly going to use it and get a return on investment. That’s where the referrals and the 2nd and the 3rd money come from. Most importantly, do you as a sales professional or business owner want that customer to buy now, next week, next month or next year? What would be your choice?

Everybody says now. Why wouldn’t you? I don’t think anybody goes into saying, “Buy for me next year. It’s going to be great.”

The sales professional or business owner in most cases isn’t prepared or hasn’t prepared their presentation to overcome all that person’s objections within the presentation. It’s cause and effect. “I want a blue one.” “Here’s a blue one.” “I want a red one.” “Here’s a red one.” You have to present it in a way where it’s unforgettable. “This is cool. How do I get that?” “Let me sign you up now. Come to my office and all you need to do is pick out the color of the vehicle that you want. We’ll make sure all the options are there. We’ll get you off and running.”

Whether I’m talking to a person that’s building custom pools, doing additions or mortgages, it doesn’t matter. The formula is the same. When you can master the art of the introduction and create a micro presentation to get people engaged in the sales process, you’ve shortened your sales cycle. You need to make your sales process, the presentation that you’re going to have in presenting your product, your price and the process that you’re going to take the client through. When you master that, you’ll convert at a high level and have customers for life.

People buy the product but they buy people. Any other words of wisdom? You’ve left us with so many golden nuggets.

My only words of wisdom are no one’s going to sell your product or service better than you. One ounce of doubt, get out. You have to be 100% fully committed to yourself first and foremost and then to the products and services that you represent. You need to believe in them wholeheartedly. You need to use them, if at all possible. Certain people sell products that they can’t use but at the end of the day, you need to believe in those products. You need to show and educate your clients on how to best use them and how they’re going to get a return on investment.

No one's going to sell your product or service better than you. You have to be 100% fully committed to you first and foremost and then the products and services that you represent. Click To Tweet

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all buying and selling, ROI or Return On Investment. If we buy a car, we want to get in the car, be good on gas, ride smoothly and have all the amenities. We want it to be comfortable. We want the return on investment no matter what we spend for it, $50,000 or 150,000. When we get it, we want to feel good and significant. That particular product made us a return on investments.

We want to feel like we made a good decision.

That’s what I want to leave your readers with. We all buy and sell return on investment. Whatever product or service you’re selling, how do you present it in a way that’s unforgettable at the first point of contact? How do you position yourself to be the only logical choice in your space and when you can do that, you will profit? All of a sudden, you’ll start to get repeat and referral business and people will want what you have. You won’t have to convince them that you have what they need.

You build a business so you can exit rich. You need to teach this to your team. You need this for the person who answers the phone, salespeople, customer service team and quality control team. Everybody in the company should always be selling.

That is correct. Everyone is an ambassador for your products, service and brand.

Thank you so much, Charlie. It’s been a delight to have you on the show. I appreciate all your golden nuggets and words of wisdom. I always say, “Knowledge is power but implementation is key.” We say that at the end of every chapter on Exit Rich. A big thank you to all of my Exit Rich readers. I know you love this content. Please share it with your network, peers, coworkers and fellow entrepreneurs. Please get the message out there. We’ll see you next time.

Thank you, Michelle.


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