In four to five years most vehicles on the road may look drastically different. Since iPhone sales have been leveling off in recent years, Apple has come to terms that they need to emerge into a new industry or capitalize on a new product to streamline their business into the future.

Apple is reportedly working on developing a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle. This project originated in 2014 with a 10-year estimated timeline to complete the design and manufacturing of this fruity car. With the recent mass speculations surrounding the autonomous vehicle, there are a few things that a large majority of people are betting on as a targeted release period.

Thus far, Apple has not commented on the Apple car and when it might be rolling itself out to the public. However, there was a report that hinted the company’s planned unveiling would be around 2024. Sleuths then corroborated news reports of Apple’s $3.6 billion investment in Kia, making a great effort to hit the 2024 release.

A car cannot just be sensors to aid autonomous driving without having a well-tested and designed frame. The newly revealed LiDAR sensors will allow the car to see the world around itself. The sensors function by sending out pulsed lasers, which will be reflected to the car’s sensors as it hits objects. The system that runs the car is so advanced that the reflections are then observed and formed into objects, giving the car depth perception. Adding to the stacked lineup of technology in this car, Apple has decided to expand the cells in the lithium-iron phosphate batteries to receive a longer range and battery life. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will be partnering with Hyundai to use its E-GMP battery electric vehicle platform. This would be the first form of a chassis that would be used for the vehicle.

The anticipated Apple car is not as far along as anxious motorists may have hoped for. Apple is also in the process of finding a manufacturing partner for their own car. It has been made clear that this will not be your typical electric car. This three-year buffer will allow Apple to do just that, as well as run through tests to ensure the car is safe, and beautiful.

Will apple be able to produce an autonomous car, find a manufacturing partner, and design an entire car in less than 4 years? The synergistic tech giant has had little to no problems in the past meeting expectations, and this project more than likely will have the same result.