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How often do we spend time excited about our future versus being concerned about it? We think of what can go wrong and rarely give ourselves the sweet luxury of imagining what can go right in vivid detail. In this episode, April will be talking about a future Bio! This is a twist on visualization and a powerful tool for seeing your future, well at all, but also seeing it differently.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is a future biography?
  • Why should we write a future bio?
  • What are the mechanics of writing a future bio.
  • Is there any other advantage of writing a Future Bio?



“Your brainpower, your thoughts, your imagery is being used by the dark force. Imagine instead if we focused on what we want, instead of what we fear”

“This is the life that you are planning for, the life that you are making reality by aligning your priorities”

“Am I spending my time today in a way that will get me there in 5 years?”


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REPLAY: Write Your Future Biography In 4 Steps

In this episode, we’re going to be talking about a future biography. This is a twist on visualization and such a powerful tool for seeing your future in a positive way. How often do we spend time excited about our future versus concerned about it? We think of what can go wrong and rarely give ourselves the sweet luxury of imagining in vivid detail what could go right. It’s because many people struggle with this concept of visualization that in my masterminds, I use the future bio tool.

We’re taking a handful of weeks off to spend a little more time with our family and friends. We’re talking about time at the lake, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and living our best lives. Good news, we are working on some amazing new episodes. We have some rock star guests lined up, which we will be releasing soon. Until then, we wanted to bring back a few of our favorite episodes. Enjoy.

Back in Episode 28: 5 Steps To Handle Hard Things, we talked about using the power of visualization for the good. Why do I say for the good? Often, we use it for the dark side. You think an average of 2,000 to 3,000 thoughts per hour. Many of those thoughts are focused on negative things, things that are out of your control, stuff that’s already happened, and fears you haven’t addressed and likely won’t come true. We’re not using it for the good. Your brain power, thoughts, and imagery are being used for the dark side. Imagine if we focused on what we want instead of what we fear. What if, instead, we visualize how we even write a little story about our future selves? I’m going to walk you through four steps to write your future biography. In the end, there’s a little practice with a friend.

If you’ve got goals and you’re getting after something big, then you’re going to need yourself a future bio. If you’re already in PivotMe virtual coaching, you are about to see this exercise video being released on the teaching platform. If you’re not already in PivotMe Virtual Coaching, come on over. We would love to have another pivoter in our group. Let’s dig in. What’s a future bio? It is like writing your biography in third person. I like to imagine about five years down the road. The five-years down-the-road piece isn’t nearly as important as what you are going to put into it. It’s best when you imagine someone reading it about you right before you get on stage.

Maybe you are giving a speech or being recognized for an award, and this is a page the announcer is going to read about you. This is the future bio because it’s the things you have not achieved yet. It’s the future in your bio. Yet is the keyword. The timeline in five years is not as important, but I want you to emotionally attach to the things that you are going to be proud of when that announcer introduces you. This is a way for us to emotionally connect to an outcome that has yet to happen, but we start to make our brains think this is a reality.

Visualization works. World-class athletes use it all the time. They imagine running the race, swimming the meters. They can even have the same muscles firing by visualizing in their mind as though they were running the race.  We can trick our brains into thinking it’s happening, but it’s inevitable. The problem is we usually use the superpower for negative thoughts. We sabotage our success and happiness by pointing that big old brain in the wrong direction. In the future bio, we’re emotionally connecting to the things we want in life. The announcer is reading your bio. It’s filled with your future achievements.

Your future bio might read, “Up next, it’s my pleasure to introduce Laura. You probably recognize her as the woman who single-handedly beat the land speed record in 2023 in the Nevada Desert. She’s joined tonight by her husband and three children. They just flew in from Aspen, where they were skiing.” It’s your future bio. If you want to crush the land speed record, you can do it there. Your future bio might be something totally different, “After selling his business in 2025, Steve spent the next year traveling the world consulting and finally settling down to run a dog rescue in Sacramento, California.”

You do you in your future bio. Future bios are written as though they’ve already happened. That’s important because it has to be inevitable. This is one of my favorite exercises I do in the masterminds because the effect it has on people is phenomenal. Here is where your friend gets involved. You need a buddy to be your announcer. I know this takes a little bit of vulnerability, like, “Someone’s going to see my future bio? They’re going to laugh at it. I don’t even know what to ride on to beat a land speed record.”

Here’s what you got to do about that. Don’t pick a Negative Nelly as your announcer. No Nellys, no Karens. You pick your biggest cheerleader, your hype man, to be your announcer. The more they feel it, the more you will feel it because it will all seem impossible until one day you do it. Pick your height. I’m going to walk you through the four steps to writing it.

Let’s get into actual mechanics. Number one, identify which parts of your life you want to focus on in this future bio. Select at least three areas of your life that you are going to address. This could be your business life, professional life, health, family adventures, or contribution. Pick some areas. You can pick all of the areas if you think about it like a wheel of life. You could pick all of the areas, or you could just pick three areas that you want to focus on. This is going to be the meat of your future bio.

Number two, what are the key events that occur in each one of these areas? Identify at least three key events that the future bio will focus on. For example, it might be Tom’s book rose the charts, hitting the best sellers list within weeks of release. Sonali’s drive for marathons led to a national movement of moms running their first marathon after 35. Whatever it is that you’re like, “It’d be nice to have that in my future bio,” that’s the key event you want to list down.

FYE-GI with PivotMe | Future Biography

Future Biography: Identify at least three key events that the Future Bio will focus on.


You got a piece of paper, and you’re listing these things down. Next is number three. Step three is we assign a specific date to the events that happen in your life. For example, in September of 2022, Sarah’s TED Talk was awarded Top 10 Speeches of All Times by Forbes Magazine. The date itself is not important in terms of a goal-setting technique. It’s more that it makes it more real. When I say in September of 2022, it feels like Sarah’s TED Talk was awarded Top 10 Speeches of All Time. It’s more about creating an emotional charge around the date, not goal setting in this regard. Pull your masterpiece together.

Now you’ve got all the meat, we’re going to put it together, and you’re going to make it like a biography in third person. You’re being introduced on stage. This is roughly five years in the future but focus less on the timelines and more on the feeling you get when those things are accomplished. This is the life that you are planning for. You’re designing. Make it a reality by aligning your emotions, and eventually, we’ll align your priorities with it, too. The last piece is you got to have your hype man read it aloud.

This part’s supposed to be fun. They need to use their best announcer voice. You got to feel the feelings of accomplishment as they read it. Imagine it. Visualize. Don’t get all embarrassed and weird. Have fun with this. Feel the emotions of those achievements. Do not spend time thinking about how to achieve those things. Not yet. You’re just basking in the glory of your conquest. It feels good, doesn’t it? I see you all hyped up on your visualization exercise. Here is another advantage of the future bio. It also is a lowkey goal-setting exercise because once you enjoy the amazing future bio we wrote, you have this clear image in your mind.

We feel amazing about it, but at some point, we need to ask ourselves, “Am I spending my time today in a way that will get me there in five years?” One of the most important questions I ask myself is, “Is this thing I’m about to do going to get me where I want to be?” If the answer is no, it’s time to align your schedule, priorities, and money in another direction. Remember that old saying, “Show me your bank account and show me your calendar, and I will tell you what’s important to you.”

I know that one stings, but it’s not less true. Make sure you are surrounding your priorities and your goals with your time and money. In fact, you might even need to ask yourself, “What do I need to stop doing so I can have this bio? What do I need to start doing so I can have this bio?” In this episode, we went through the four steps to building a future biography. This one is fun. Go through those four steps.

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Go get your hype man, and get introduced on that stage. That stage is waiting for you. Feel it as it’s read. Don’t get embarrassed. Get pumped up. Because this is one of our favorite exercises, I’d love to see your future bio. Send it over to me at info@Pivot-Me.com. Tell us what you loved. Tell us the part that was hard for you. Tell us about your hype man. We want to know who you pick to hype us up. Is it work? It’s work, but you get to have a hype man. Have a great day.


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