Amazon is currently looking for a city in the US to open its second headquarters. Amazon’s move, which many are calling the business development of the century, will likely cost amazon 5 billion and result with 50,000 new jobs for the surrounding area. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer, started a nationwide competition when he announced that Amazon was looking for a town to house Amazon’s second headquarters. As a result, Tucson, Arizona has sent Jeff a 21 ft cactus, Wharton Business School students are making pitches for Philadelphia, and the Mayor of Frisco, Texas has even offered to build his city around Amazon. City applications are not due until October 19th, but many cities across the US have already been begun major changes in hopes of landing the business deal of the century.

However, it’s not just US cities that are interested in the bid for Amazon’s second HQ. Canadian cities like Ottawa, Windsor, and Toronto have all shown interest in housing Amazon. Ottawa’s Mayor has stated that housing the second HQ for Amazon would be beneficial to the tech firm. Amazon has about 9000 engineering jobs it can’t fill, and Canada’s more lax immigration laws would help Amazon hire the employees in needs. This business development deal can be the start of a new tech city. A move like this one can even start the growth of a second Silicon Valley. 50,000 direct jobs are only the start. A project of this size would give rise to jobs for years to the lucky city that receives it. Surrounding businesses will also thrive, and even more jobs will be created indirectly.