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Planning For The Big Exit With Robert Ramey

  Whatever industry you’re working in, as a business owner, you have to have an acute awareness of every step you’re going to take next, but most especially your exit strategy. Your exit strategy has to be ready even before... Read More

Innovation And Marketing For Small Businesses In This Time Of COVID-19 With Alec Stern

  Business owners are always told to think outside of the box. But what can they do now when the box has already gone? The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably affected the business industry, most especially small-time business owners. At a... Read More

Defining The Kinds Of Businesses

  Naturally, different kinds of businesses will require varying but equally deft touches. It’s important to have an idea of what kind of business you’re running because you can use this information to determine a more concrete direction for your... Read More

Step Into A Seller’s Mindset, Planning Your EXIT

  Even as early as while your business is ramping up and poised for victory, you have to be ready for any possible eventuality, and that includes the possibility of having to sell. Constantly embodying a seller’s mindset is the... Read More


  At some point, as a business owner, you will have to figure out how to exit your business. Unfortunately, this is an eventuality that not many business owners prepare for until the very last minute, which can be a... Read More

Scaling A Business With Tracy Hazzard

  To scale your business is to invite growth into your ranks. Scaling allows you to expand the field of possibilities your business can roam and venture, but it’s also a tough process that might ask a lot of you... Read More

Find Your Exit: An Introduction

  Statistics show that a whopping 70% of businesses go under even after operating for ten years or longer, and business owners are forced to sell their business for many reasons. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 businesses do not sell,... Read More


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