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Perfect Exit Strategy: Moving Forward To What You Want With Loral Langemeier

  Whenever people build up their business and wealth, they sometimes forget to plan for what comes next. Preparing an exit strategy is also a part of the success and should not be overlooked. Joining Michelle Seiler Tucker in this... Read More

Face, Follow, Fix: Success, Prosperity And The Illuminate Philosophy With David Corbin

  Ever wondered where mentors get their incredible wisdom? From other mentors, where else. David Corbin is such a mentor of mentors – and a very good one at that. Among other accolades, he is a two-time Wall St. Journal bestselling... Read More

Why 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Don’t Sell

Your browser does not support the audio element.   Is your business prepared to withstand a catastrophic event? In this episode, Michelle Seiler Tucker takes a closer look at a startling statistic about selling businesses and why most businesses are... Read More

Business Life Cycle – From Incubator To Exit

  Learning the truth about the life cycle of a business, especially small to medium-sized ones, is startling, to say the least. Even before COVID happened, 70% of small businesses were closing down. The life cycle of a business is... Read More

EXIT Rich: 6 Things You Need To Work On To Profit From Your Exit With Sharon Lechter

  Now, we really get into the meat of how to get rich from selling your business. Joining Michelle Seiler Tucker is the amazing Sharon Lechter, her friend and co-author of EXIT Rich, a book that unveils the secret to... Read More

Buyer Sanity Check: 5 Questions Buyers Ask Before Buying A Business

  If you’re planning to sell your business, it is important to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and know what makes them tick. What do buyers look for when buying a business? Whether you’re dealing with a first time... Read More

Real Estate Franchising With Hector Castillo

  Doing real estate is not as easy as some people would say. You have to serve your customers and clients full time. This is what Hector Castillo realized when he entered the real estate industry. Starting as a real estate professional,... Read More

Seller Sanity Check: When And Why You Should Sell Your Business

  Have you ever thought about what you’re going to do once you’ve sold your business? Whether you’re just starting or you’re ten years down the road, there is no wrong time to start planning your business exit strategy. For... Read More

Touching Lives One Wish At A Time With The Wish Man, Frank Shankwitz

  Don’t you wish those unfortunate children suffering from life-threatening illnesses had a chance to have their one wish come true? In this imperfect world, somebody gladly took that responsibility to himself – The Wish Man, Frank Shankwitz. An Air... Read More
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