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The New Law Nobody Is Talking About: What Companies Need to Know About The Corporate Transparency Act With Garrett Sutton And Ted Sutton

  Congress recently passed the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) as part of the National Defense Authorization Act to enhance national security, intelligence, and law enforcement efforts against money laundering, terrorism financing, and illicit activities. It does so by establishing a... Read More

Is The Sexual Harassment Law Crushing Small Businesses? With Deborah McPhee

  According to Deborah McPhee, a licensed Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Education Sponsor, 81% of women suffer sexual harassment, while men are under 50%. In many cases, most of the sexual harassment case goes unreported. Cases like this... Read More

Harnessing The Power Of Generative AI In Everyday Life With Jordan Wilson

  The term “artificial intelligence” came around the 1950s. Since then, it has bloomed into something that may or may not replace many people in many industries. In this episode, the CEO of Accelerant Agency, Jordan Wilson, delves into the... Read More

Mindset To Millions: The Road To Becoming A Real Estate Powerhouse With Mitch And Maeli Nelson

  You make failures along your journey to success. That is what today’s guests showcase as they grace this episode with wisdom. Mitch And Maeli Nelson, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Educators, join the Exit Rich podcast! They completed hundreds... Read More

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile And Elevate Your Online Presence With Donna Serdula

  LinkedIn is more than just another app — it’s a platform that has the power to supercharge your career and connections. Elevate your online presence, open doors to new opportunities, and redefine success on your terms. In this episode,... Read More

Get Unstuck, Aligned, And Bag What You Want By Tapping Into Your Inner Power With Dr. Amanda Barrientez

  LIVE on ‘Exit Rich’ is Dr. Amanda Barrientez, known as “The Mindset Healer” and the founder of Inner Power Daily™, an international best-selling author, and the host of the top 2% globally rated podcast called Inner Power Entrepreneur. She dives into... Read More

Boost Sales And Employee Satisfaction: How To Align Marketing And Sales With Stacey Hall

  What makes a good salesperson? What attracts more sales, customer, and employee satisfaction to become successful? This is why you shouldn’t miss this episode because Stacy Hall, known for her ground-breaking social media marketing program, “Go for Yes,” reveals... Read More

Exit Rich Reunion: How To Make Your Business Shine With Sharon Lechter

  Here is another episode of the Exit Rich podcast you won’t want to miss! Don’t miss the chance to attend the special reunion of famous co-authors Michelle Seiler Tucker and Sharon Lechter exactly one year after the release of... Read More

Boost Your Business From Just Writing A Book With Anna David

  There is more to writing a book than just sharing your story and/or expertise. When leveraged the right way, it could lead to building and growing your business. This episode features special guest Anna David, a New York Times... Read More

The BOOTS Formula: Reinventing The Life You’ve Always Wanted With Sheila Mac

  We live in a very busy world that it becomes so easy to lose ourselves in our work. It is time to come back to ourselves and reinvent life the way we have always wanted. In this episode, Sheila Mac,... Read More
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