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Excited is Rising for the new Apple Car

In four to five years most vehicles on the road may look drastically different. Since iPhone sales have been leveling off in recent years, Apple has come to terms that they need to emerge into a new industry or capitalize... Read More

CFOs Strong Competition and High Prices for Acquisitions

COVID-19 has brought many businesses to the buyout or acquisitions market within the past year due to less consumer spending on small and medium size businesses. Entire franchises have gone under in the past year all thanks to ‘stay at... Read More

Can Lucid Motors Compete Against Tesla?

On February 22nd, the up-and-coming electric vehicle startup, Lucid Motors, announced a merger with Churchill Capital (CCIV), a special purpose acquisition company, in one of the largest deals ever involving a SPAC. Since reported talks of the merger, the market... Read More

Do the pros out way the cons for a $15 minimum wage?

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the financial well-being of millions of businesses and individuals. There are roughly ten million less jobs in the U.S. today than there were pre-pandemic and recent data suggests... Read More

Spotify to Launch in 85 New Markets

On February 22, during its ‘Stream On’ event for creators and partners, the music platform Spotify announced their plan to expand their worldwide coverage to an additional 85 countries over the next few days. The service offers more than 70... Read More

eXp’s Acquisition of SUCCESS Magazine

The real estate brokerage, eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXP), recently announced the completion of its acquisition of SUCCESS Enterprises. SUCCESS is a U.S.-based business magazine that was established by inspirational author Orison S. Marden in 1897. Marden primarily wrote articles... Read More

iHeartMedia to Acquire Triton Digital from Scripps

As E.W. Scripps exits the podcast sector, iHeartMedia continues to bulk up. iHeartMedia has agreed to acquire Triton Digital for $230 million in a deal that will give the radio giant a full slate of audio advertising technology and measurement capabilities as it... Read More

NIO “well positioned” to Capture China’s EV Market

As the world watches Tesla grow and evolve, each manufacturer wants to take their share of the profitable market. Across the world in China, domestic car makers are attempting to position themselves to compete with the electric car giant. Chinese... Read More

Starlink: The Future of Global Internet

Starlink is SpaceX’s growing network, or “constellation” of orbital satellites.  The development of the network began in 2015, with the first prototype satellites launched into orbit in 2018. Since then, SpaceX has deployed over 1,000 Starlink satellites into orbit across more... Read More

Pentagon Inquires About Autonomous Vehicles

As officials seek to counter America’s adversaries’ technological advances, our defense moves are outpacing the commercial automation efforts by ground, in the air, and below the surf. In January, the $740 Billion defense authorization bill Congress passed is filled with... Read More