You understood all of the intricate details of buying a business and used that knowledge to procure a timely purchase, while ensuring a fair price.  The entire experience from the beginning not only happened quicker than anticipated, it matched us up with the perfect business.  I would strongly suggest to everyone wanting to be a business owner and interested in an existing business to acquire your help in that endeavor. I know that you will make that entire experience not only much easier, but much more rewarding at the closings’ sale table.  Your help in this field is invaluable.



When we first met with you, we immediately knew you were the person we could work with and would help us become the owner of our first business. We appreciated your honesty, professionalism, and knowledge of the industry. We felt you were truly focused on our goals while trying to find the perfect business for us. I couldn’t believe how quickly the deal got finished. The process was handled with expertise and ease and covered all the bases from valuing the business to arranging the attorneys/legal transactions and eventually closing the sale. In addition to your efforts going above and beyond what was expected, your staff was also extremely professional, courteous and efficient.  In closing, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort.



Michelle Seiler Tucker is a true professional who takes command of every detail of the process.  She was present at every meeting and was able to walk us through the complicated process with ease.  She does a great job of evaluating the price of a business and getting the fairest deal possible. Not to mention the numerous businesses we had the opportunity to view and consider.  I don’t think anyone else can offer the variety and number of business buying opportunities Michelle can.  Her office staff does a good job administratively, as Michelle is always working with her clients and never seems to miss a beat.



My partner and I had very specific desires when looking for a business that would fit our needs.  Michelle did a great job of interviewing us and sorting out the perfect business.  The buy/sell process can be lengthy, mainly due to the information gathering and information trading from the potential seller to potential buyer.  Her staff was superb with this process.  Not only was she quick and efficient, but the information was delivered in perfect form, ready to be reviewed and used by lenders, accountants and attorneys.


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