It is summer, and the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. Although places are slowing reopening, having large gatherings is still a cause for concern. Business owners have been tested during the pandemic, to innovate and keep up with the new normal. Keeping up with technology to do remote work, digital learning, and even telemedicine is just a few ways businesses and people have had to change to survive the pandemic. If they don’t innovate, companies go bankrupt and shut down. While there has been a bounce-back in the economy, there are still millions of people still out of work.

One group of people that have innovated is public speakers. As seen with Trump’s recent campaign rally, people are still concerned with large public gatherings, and turnouts for events will be lower than expected. As such, some of the most prominent public speakers have had to innovate to conform to the times.

Author and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, is well-known for hosting massive tours around the world. He helps people set both personal and professional goals. While Tony has not been able to host or attend seminars during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been using social media to create meaningful and useful messages for his followers. His latest challenge that he came up with is the ‘Comeback Challenge.’ The challenge started on June 23rd and was a seven-day challenge that gave people the chance to train with Tony and other renowned experts through live videos on social media. The purpose of the program was to help people get back on track with goals and plans that were postponed due to the pandemic. This challenge is just one example that Tony Robbins innovated to use technology to continue motivating individuals.

Jack Canfield is another author, motivational speaker, and trainer that used the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate. While Jack has had to postpone several live events until next year, he has continued training people through virtual events. He has hosted several live webinars during the pandemic. He started a 16-week virtual seminar that began July 1st called ‘Success Principles Group Coaching Experience’ for people to rekindle their lives during the pandemic. Jack knows that the new normal is going to be different, but that it’s a good thing as people are now in a unique position to make reality better. This virtual event is another example of how a top speaker has innovated to continue training people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The need to innovate is essential, as businesses have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s for remote work or digital learning, one way that companies have had to innovate in using technology, some of the most significant speakers on the circuit used this opportunity to find new ways to reach people. Tony Robbins has used social media to challenge others to get back on track with their goals before the pandemic, and Jack Canfield is using technology to continue virtual training and help people make this new reality better.