In the United States, we have been seeing an upsurge in coronavirus cases and it is making many leaders in the local government very nervous. Rightly so! The US’ reopening plan has not been as successful as many people hoped. The progress has been too quick, and it is causing the cases to ramp up again. Many states have moved on to stage 2 in the process and it has been a case of too much too soon.

Was this freedom granted all too soon?

The 4th of July, in the US, is all about togetherness and joining each other in unity. Americans get to have a special time to remember all that our founders did for us to have the privileges we enjoy today. It has become a time for block parties, barbecues, fireworks galore, and beach bashes! However, all of these activities pose a problem during this time of a nationwide pandemic.

How is COVID-19 affecting July 4th festivities?

American Flag on Beach

All of the typical 4th of July get-together activities and events involve going against the protocols that the CDC has put in place to protect people. There are people getting together in large groups, in close proximity, probably eating so they aren’t wearing a mask. Due to the extreme likelihood of people getting ill in groups from parties on Independence Day, the governments of popular beach states (California and Florida) have decided to close down most beaches on July 4th weekend.

These two states especially are also experiencing an immense spike in COVID-19 cases since they began the process of reopening. Their numbers are getting so high that they are getting into a record-breaking territory for the entirety of the pandemic.

Some of the biggest counties in these states, like Los Angeles County and Miami-Dade are setting up strict health and safety protocols for this weekend.

The mayors have warned citizens that the police will be out and watching for establishments not following the guidelines. They will also be breaking up any groups that they find to be over 50 people in number. People will be required to wear masks if they are attending celebrations en masse in public places and public establishments will be required to enforce the mask and social distancing policies. Americans will not be allowed to partake in the usual Independence Day celebrations. It’s unfortunate but necessary to abide by the rules in order to protect both themselves and the people they interact with.