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Commit To Your Commitments: How To Break Free From Labels And Create A Master Life Plan Towards Massive Success With Darren Jacklin

  Success is not something we pursue. It’s something we attract. And the way to do that is by committing to your commitments. Darren Jacklin did not become the world-class speaker and hyper-successful entrepreneur he is today by chance. In... Read More

How To Be Awesome: The Mindset To Success With Erik Swanson

  The key to success starts with believing in yourself and what you can do. It’s all about learning how to be awesome by changing your mindset. Erik Swanson is an acclaimed keynote speaker, author, success coach, and President/CEO of... Read More

How To Build A Startup In This Time Of Uncertainty With Bill Walsh

  Building a startup requires several things.  You can have an okay idea with a great leader versus a great idea with an okay leader. The okay leader will fail 99% of the time, but the great leader will find... Read More

Sell Your Business With Maximum Gains Via Deferred Sales Trust With Brett Swarts

  You should never have to be forced to sell out your business out of fear or circumstance. Choose to sell your business when it’s at its prime and maximize your profit through a deferred sales trust. Joining host Michelle... Read More

Learning From Startups: Bringing Back The Exploration Mindset To Big Businesses With Brant Cooper

  These days, startups are always trying to be like Google or Amazon while having no audience. Big businesses, on the other hand, think that they don’t have to explore or learn new ideas. Startups and big businesses should exchange... Read More

Why Founders Should Always Have an Exit Strategy When Starting a Business

Originally posted on Apple News. Why should small business owners and entrepreneurs be thinking about an exit strategy from day one? According to Steve Forbes, 8 out 10 businesses don’t sell. The number one reason for that is because business... Read More

How To Sell Your Business During A Recession

Originally posted on Forbes. What challenges might I face in selling my business during a recession and how can I overcome them? Businesses are sellable during a recession, but it really depends upon the industry, your expectations, whether or not... Read More

Michelle Seiler Tucker Teaches Harvard Business Alum How to Exit Rich!

Michelle Seiler Tucker joins the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Association to educate business owners and entrepreneurs on how to build a sustainable, scalable, and sellable business, so they too, can EXIT RICH! Steve Kirschner of the Harvard Business School... Read More

The Biggest Mistakes Small Companies Make During a Downturn

Originally posted on Apple News and Forbes. What are the biggest mistakes small companies make during a downturn that lead to unnecessary failure? First, failure to establish multiple profit centers and congruent revenue streams. Establishment of this lowers your operational... Read More

How the Increase in Capital Gains Taxes Can Affect Your Client’s Business

Originally posted on Accounting Today on July 7th, 2021. The recent change in presidency is set to bring about substantial changes in the way high-net worth individuals are taxed in relation to capital gains. The Biden administration has proposed a... Read More
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