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Power Failure: The Rise And Fall Of General Electric With William Cohan

  No company embodied American ingenuity, innovation, and industrial power more spectacularly and consistently than the General Electric Company. GE once developed and manufactured many inventions we take for granted today. In this episode, William Cohan, author of The Power... Read More

CFOs, Capital Building, And Financial Transformation: How Continuous Scale Took The Fractional CPA Industry By Storm With Sara Dickinson

  What is financial transformation? How can you find investors in capital building and make sure you’re well-known? Just how important really is a good CFO for a business? These and more are the questions that we will be answering... Read More

WIN WIN Women: Connecting Women And Experts For Meaningful Change With Dr. Paula Fellingham

  Imagine there was a platform for women to be able to reach out to experts on any topic, any time. Can you imagine how that would empower a lot of women to get out of difficult situations, improve their... Read More

The Importance Of Operating Systems, Hiring Integrators, And Building A “Green Team” For Your Business With Tim Cox

  Operating systems are to business what the playbook is to football. For a leadership team to run a business effectively, it needs a playbook that lays out the expectations for each person on the team at each moment of... Read More

The Fundamentals Of Due Diligence With Aaron Young

  Business owners use a huge chunk of their resources to buying, fixing, and growing their ventures. However, only a handful does their due diligence the right way. Just because you earn the revenue you want does not mean you... Read More

The Power Of Leveraging Your Listening Skills To Communication With Marcia Martin

  Hearing is one thing, but listening is what creates better communication. Communication is not a linear process, so it requires a better understanding of each other. In today’s episode, Transformational Thought Leader Marcia Martin offers her insights on developing... Read More

Mind Body Revolution: How Body Movement Is Impacting Brain Health With Terha Watterson

  What is the Mind Body Revolution, and how is it changing the game by promoting mental health and physical activity? Joining us today is Terha Watterson, the creator and author of the Mind Body Revolution: 28 Days to Activate.... Read More

Credibility Expert: The Path To Exiting Rich With Mitchell Levy

  The Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy sits with Michelle and shares how people don’t know their purpose because they have different expectations in their minds of what success and who they are. If people are guided through unraveling who... Read More

What Every Organization Needs to Know about the Employee Retention Credit With Kevin Marshall

  At the height of the pandemic, the government introduced different sources of support for businesses on the brink of shutdown. One of these is the Employee Retention Credit or ERC. But what is it, and how can owners benefit... Read More

How to Sell Your Business and Actually Make a Profit

According to M&A Source, 80 % of businesses on the market will never sell. This should be a huge wakeup call for all business owners, as this statistic means you have less than a 20% chance of success when you... Read More
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