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The Noshi Story: From Shark Tank To Success With Tomo Delaney-Lethbridge

  Dive into the entrepreneurial journey of a visionary dad-turned-innovator in this episode! Meet Tomo Delaney-Lethbridge, the mind behind Noshi, an organic fruit paint turned kid-friendly condiment that took Shark Tank by storm. From initial hurdles in packaging to securing... Read More

From Barf To Art With Les Cookson

  Les Cookson, the owner of LUCIDArt, isn’t afraid of a challenge; he thrives on them. This two-time Shark Tank alum went from inventor with a dream to entrepreneur extraordinaire, building a business primed for a massive exit. But Les’... Read More

Xero To Zeros With Steven Sashen

  Do you ever wonder if barefoot running is right for you, but you’re worried about hurting your feet? Then check out this interview with Steven Sashen, co-founder of Xero Shoes, a company that makes footwear designed to mimic the... Read More

Boost Your Productivity: Practical Tips For Getting Things Done With David Allen

  Join us for another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest, David Allen, drops golden nuggets on personal and organizational productivity. One of the world’s most influential thinkers on productivity, David’s 40 years of experience as... Read More

Leadership, Shark Tank, And Vengo Labs: Inside The Mind Of A Successful Entrepreneur With Brian Shimmerlik

  Join us for another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest, Brian Shimmerlik, drops golden nuggets on entrepreneurship and innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Brian Shimmerlik launched his first company at just 19 years old... Read More

How To Build And Protect Intellectual Property With Michael Lechter On Exit Rich

  There are hunters around hunting for your creations, and you shouldn’t let them take your ownership from you. But how can you protect your creation from people with unsavory intentions? Today, Michael Lechter, the Author of Rich Dad’s Advisors:... Read More

From Product To Prospects: The Keys To Small Business Growth With Melinda Emerson

  Small business success isn’t just about what you sell today; it’s about understanding your clients’ future needs and staying ahead of the curve. In this week’s power-packed episode, we have special guest Melinda Emerson, the renowned “SmallBizLady” herself and... Read More

The GPS Exit Model: How To Use It So You Can Exit Rich

  What’s catastrophic to your business is when you built it unsellable. To guide you into the path of building a sellable business, Michelle Seiler Tucker brought her compass to help you Find Your Exit in your business. In this... Read More

Glasses With A Purpose: How Jonas Paul Eyewear Is Changing Children’s Lives With Ben And Laura Harrison

  Turn life’s challenges into golden opportunities and make a difference in the world, just like Ben and Laura did with Jonas Paul Eyewear. In this inspiring episode, we hear the remarkable journey of Ben and Laura Harrison, the co-founders... Read More

Live Your Best Life: Gold Nuggets For Achieving Success In Real Estate With Janice Jimenez

  LIVE TODAY on Wednesday, October 4th at 12:00 pm (CST)! Listen to another episode of the Exit Rich podcast as our special guest, Janice Jimenez gives golden nuggets for achieving success and living your best life. Janice is an... Read More
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