Two tech titans, Apple and Qualcomm, continued their heated legal battle as new charges were filed to the DOJ. Qualcomm filed charges in federal court against phone giant, Apple, claiming Apple owed $7 billion in royalties. Qualcomm also accused Apple of stealing confidential information and trade secrets.

The legal battle between the companies began almost 2 years ago, when Apple sued Qualcomm for roughly $1 billion. Qualcomm is a technology company that continues to invent new industry applications on a global scale. From 5G & artificial intelligence, to automotive & extended reality applications, Qualcomm is responsible for inventing technologies used around the world. These new charges are part of a separate lawsuit filed in November. The lawsuit claims that Apple is in violation of the agreement it signed with Qualcomm to purchase computer chips for their phones.

Apple has withheld royalty payments due to Qualcomm since the initiation of the dispute. Furthermore, Apple claimed that Qualcomm raised prices on their patents and licensing, forcing apple to pay a premium of 5x. Apple has used Qualcomm chips since 2011. However, with the release of the newest iPhone model (iPhone X), Apple switched exclusively to using chips from Intel, which significantly impacted Qualcomm’s business sales. The battle between the companies will continue on until a settlement is reached.