The coronavirus pandemic has taken a considerable toll on nearly every segment of society. However, one industry that has surprisingly done extremely well is the e-commerce industry, specifically that of Amazon and its Prime services.

          Recently the company made a report which stipulated that it would need to hire approximately 100,000 new employees in order to keep up with a surge in online orders. Amazon reported on Monday September 14th that the new hires will “help pack, ship or sort orders, working in part-time or full-time rolls.” Amazon reported that while they are hiring many more people, it is not related to the holiday season. Simply put, the company is just continuing to grow.

          Earlier this year, Amazon hired 175,000 more people to keep up with the surge in orders. Presently, Amazon reports that they have nearly 33,000 vacancies in corporate positions that need to be filled.

          In order to incentivize individuals to join the company, Amazon is offering a sign-on bonus of $1,000 in certain locations and will pay its employees a competitive wage of $15/hour.

          As the orders continue to pile up, things are only looking to get busier. Amazon pushed back its celebrated ‘Prime Day’ from July to the fall, so an increase in sales is imminent. Moreover, the holiday season is fast approaching. Though Amazon has yet to report that they will be hiring more people to account for the uptick in sales during the holiday season, it is very likely that the company will require more employees.

          While business is clearly booming for Amazon, many look to the CEO Jeff Bezos with disdain. Liberals and leftists maintain that it is fundamentally wrong for an individual to gain such a substantial degree of income while others are going bankrupt during the pandemic. There seems to be a rallying cry that “nobody should be a billionaire.”

          Regardless of the media’s depiction of Jeff Bezos, one thing is certainly true: he is wildly successful. His ability to lead Amazon through such a tumultuous time—and do it while generating a profit—is truly noteworthy and inspiring.

          Perhaps Amazon will help to improve the economy and bring the United States out of a recession. Bezos may be unpopular, but it is certain that his company is one of the largest contributors to the economy, not just within the United States, but within the world.