Currently, Amazon is taking a step toward the future of grocery stores with no DeLorean required! Aside from dominating the ecommerce market, Amazon has now decided to inspire innovation within the grocery market by creating a product called Dash Cart. The current plan is for Dash Cart to originate in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Through the invention of Dash Cart, Amazon without a doubt is making the future of grocery stores come to life right before our eyes.


Despite Dash Cart seeming similar in appearance to a normal grocery cart, it is far from average. The Dash Cart is a smart-version of a grocery cart that not only holds all grocery products, but also has technology equipped inside the cart to automatically detect the product type and quantity that a consumer picks off the shelf. Through the innovation of Dash Cart, Amazon is yet again successfully bringing their domination in the digital realm to the real world. The success of Dash Cart has the potential to become a step in the right direction toward the future of grocery stores. Although the success of Dash Cart can only be determined over time, there are many reasons as to why one would assume that Dash Cart will soon inspire the grocery stores of the future.


Amazon’s Dash Cart is shown to benefit both consumers and grocery stores as a whole. From a consumer standpoint, Dash Cart allows customers to have a successful grocery store visit without having to wait in long checkout lines. The technology built in Dash Cart not only keeps track of the items placed in the cart, but also allows the customer’s card to be directly charged for the products when leaving the store instead of having to wait to provide payment in cashier lines. This quick and effective process of paying for groceries will attract many consumers to opt for Dash Cart businesses. Similarly, Dash Cart provides benefits from a business standpoint as well. According to a survey provided by the National Retail Federation, American retailers experience a loss of nearly $50 billion annually to theft in stores. Due to Dash Cart’s technology allowing for the precise count of products in the grocery cart, company revenue lost to shoplifting has the potential to shrink significantly. Also, due to Dash Cart’s automatic processing of payments when leaving the grocery store, the demand for cashier employees is expected to decrease as well, lowering wage costs for businesses.


It is clear that Dash Cart will soon become the future for grocery stores globally due to the potential benefits associated with the technology. By eliminating grocery store lines and increasing both business profits and the efficiency of shopping, we are all likely to see Dash Cart’s being implemented in stores around the world in the near future.